With the shipment tracking, also known as tracing, the state of a shipment can be found out via the internet by everyone having the tracking number. In order to track the parcel, the sender hands over a shipment or parcel label number to the consignee. With this number the system of Track-a-parcel is able to trace the current position of the shipment.

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Shipment Tracking and Tracing

Today, all market leaders offer the shipment tracking as a comprehensive service. DHL, UPS, RoyalMail, Post Office, DPD, TNT as well as GLS and FedEx allow users to trace the parcel on its way to the recipient via tracking services. The service of Track-a-parcel offers a simple and fast online tracking service. For this purpose only the shipment or parcel number is necessary. The shipment provider is chosen, the number is entered – and immediately the delivery history will be displayed.

Advantages of Parcel Tracking

On one hand, this system has a great advantage of an improved service for the customer. Due to the tracking each shipment can be traced exactly in all relevant departments. Thus, the time of receipt can be narrowed down in order to enable the recipient to change his time management accordingly. If a delay occurs, the disturbance can be found and removed directly at the respective point. Furthermore, the service partner traces the shipment and can send a notice to the recipient, if there is a delay. By this measures, the safety and control of the parcel can be guaranteed which is a significant improvement.

On the other hand, this process is cost-efficient for the service itself as it works simple without any bureaucratic procedures. The digital processing and storage allows a comfortable transfer to all stations which can utilize this information due to logistic reasons.

How it works

When the parcel is handed out to the logistics company, it takes over the parcel and issues a parcel number or a corresponding QR code. At all relevant stations, which are passed on the following trip, this QR code is scanned and the update is made automatically. This enables the sender as well as the recipient to check where the parcel is located at the moment.

In the storehouses of the logistics companies, the conveyer belts are usually equipped with scanners. When they transport the parcels, all parcels are registered automatically. The electronic shipment tracking indicates the complete consignment process comprehensively, up to the delivery staff with their hand scanners, who are responsible for the last station of the route.

Legal Basics – Data privacy

A confidential application of the data generated for shipment tracking is mandatory. The data for parcel tracking is regarded as property of the respective provider. The shipment service uses the data exclusively for the purpose of delivery. Other usage like storage, duplication, sale or further utilization of the personal information is not allowed.

Legal Basics – Insurance

Furthermore, each parcel service offers various insurance options. Most providers have a basic insurance for standard parcels. Please ask the logistics company about the individual insurance coverage. The insurance is valid in case of theft or loss of the parcel. Higher values can be insured additionally, if required.

Under certain circumstances a complaint at damage of the consignment can be requested. In this case, specific deadlines after receipt of the shipment have to be followed. The parcel should be kept stored safely, in order to allow for a subsequent inspection by the logistics company or by the insurance.

Initially, missed parcels are usually searched for with an investigation order. A claim or damage report must be recorded and registered in due time.

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  1. Dalya Ajaj

    Dear Team,

    I’ve ordered from http://www.kyliecosematics.com in the 1st of Aug. 2017 and the item should be received last week and today it shows through kylie website that it will not be delivered, and through USPS it shows its in transit in UK
    this is my tracking: UM093774408US

    Can I know whats the procedure since its with you not them??

    1. Track-a-parcel team Post author

      Please contact the shop to resolve the issue.

  2. Graham Abbott

    My parcel seems to have been in your tracking system since 4/9/17 JJD00022589005942. You have delivered its sister parcel JJD000225890043. Both of these deliveries have been arranged by Amazon to replace the “lost” parcels that should have been delivered earlier.

    1. Track-a-parcel team Post author

      Dear Graham, Thank you for your message. We don’t deliver any parcels, we only provide you the tracking informations, which are stored at each of the individual forwarder companies. That means you would need to claim lost or wrong delivery at that individual forwarder in order to initiate an internal investigation. Amazon could do so to as they are the sender and have the higher rights for claims.

  3. Neil

    Goodness! I thought I was a rare beast to have a parcel noted as “attempted Delivery” when no such thing happened. Still awaiting a precious package and no reply to a very polite e~Mail which included my tracking reference. TC3421682. The next e-Mail will be an official complaint, but I will give you another 24hrs.

    1. Track-a-parcel team Post author

      Contact the shipment company to find out details

  4. Dan brown

    A got a parcel coming from Cameroon to Scotland it has been a week RR001372271CM thats the tracker


    My parcel hasn’t arrived yet and tracking said parcel deliverd on 18-03-2017 but I hasn’t recived kindly let me know where is my parcel and where you deliver…
    Parcel Tracking Number is:RH000383101US

  6. Tracy Collison

    Where is my parcel?!?
    Tracking Number: JJD0002256853081758

    I ordered gifts and they still have not arrived.

  7. Lorraine Brook

    My parcel hasn’t arrived yet and I re-booked for it to come today it’s now 16:38
    Can you help please

  8. Numan Ahmed

    Tracking said they already delivered my parcel but I didn’t receive it yet.so what should I say….0319397883560796

  9. Peter

    I am waiting on a parcel from yous the tracking order number is not showing any progress nor is it show that there is a parcel for the tracking number JD0002253211297635 tracking number

  10. mr oates

    UK Mail,
    have tried to track, what a load of crap does not work at all, make no mistake l will never use this meat and potato outfit again.

  11. Js whiting


  12. Js whiting

    Well what can i say!?
    Sent a parcel, that being an apple watch to apple through ypu in august and surprise surprise they never recieved it!
    Thanks hermes thats cost me over £350!
    Fucking useless!
    Oh waiting for a next day delivery patcel now!
    4 day later, still not recieved, so ill assume thats lost forever!!!!

  13. Tommt

    I paid for next day delivery and 2 days later hasn’t turned up. What’s going on

  14. Ty Jones

    Hi I ordered a camera that I payed a lot of money for its from the US to the UK it says on the tracking it was delivered on the 06/10/16 at 11:30 am but I was at home it never arrived and it is now the 11th please tell me what’s possibly happened to it I’ll have to go to citizens advice if it goes any longer I’m worried on losing out that sort of money

    1. Ty Jones


  15. Leah phillips

    Waiting for a parcel don’t understand why its so late

  16. Noel Fernandez

    Hi Team
    The new address to deliver my parcel with tracking number : 1Z290V556891923279 is below.
    Flat 4 Fernbank House,
    3 Sandrock Road
    Tunbridge Wells TN2 3PX
    Thanks and regards

  17. David manning

    y have u not collected the parcel from n170hf this is a nightmare what is going on

  18. John

    Check your back gardens people their delivery driver’s have got a habit of throwing parcels over and not letting you know. A month I waited for a parcel only to find it when the snow had melted.

  19. Chrissy

    Next day delivery! Still waiting for my parcel at 7pm this is disgraceful. I can’t even track my parcel because the tracking doesn’t work. Not acceptable! Thanks for your unreliability!

  20. Lizzie

    Hi there can I track through Winit on here? Tracking ID ID15010228165892CN – Thanks

  21. Ted Bleasdale

    Tracking number JJD0002256746006917.

    Can you tell.me when my delivery is due

  22. Marie Bellamy

    Missed my delivery (5:16pm sat evening?) Tried calling number on the card no response ?

  23. Sylvia Rigby

    Please see above

  24. Sylvia Rigby

    Tracking number – EH079930115GB. iI have recieved one letter today informing me that a parcel is awaiting me at Exeter Depot. a) I don’t drive into Exeter so cannot reach the depot as I live a distance away. b) I wish to know the name of the sender before I pay out on import duty. I have not bsen told to expect a parcel by anyone I know. Sylvia Rigby

  25. shane

    recived a txt that my parcel that I paid for next day deliver would be delivered between 8.20 and 9.20 and still hasn’t arrived 31310150003616


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