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China Post is the number one shipping option for any individual or company that needs to ship items to or from China.

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Delivery Options Offered by China Post

The Chinese national postal company offers a reliable, affordable postage service that enables British customers to easily track their items, making sure that they are on the right track. China Post offers a range of international postal services for customers in the UK. For bulk mail and the lowest cost, customers can choose Registered Air Mail. This should ensure that their parcels are delivered from any Chinese location within 2-4 weeks.

The fastest method is to send parcels via their International Express Mail Service (EMS), which can deliver to the UK from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. This express service is divided into Standard and Economy Express services, with different price points, weight limits and delivery times. Additionally, customers with China Post can choose between payment by the sender of the firm’s paid-by-addressee service.

All parcels sent via EMS to the UK are also guaranteed by China Post. Every customer will be provided with a guaranteed maximum delivery time when they place their order. If the delivery time exceeds this limit, China Post will pay the postage costs in compensation. In general, EMS shipments take between 1 and 2 weeks to reach the UK from China.

The EMS guarantee also means that all customers can track their parcels using the Track and Trace service, which provides real time updates to customers regarding the location and status of their shipments.

Order Tracking With China Post

Customers can use China Post’s tracking service by logging onto the company’s website, where they will need to enter their tracking number. This will consist of 7 numbers, with an “E” at the start and a “CN” at the end, and it should be clearly displayed on your mailing receipt. Multiple numbers can also be added if you have more than one shipment outstanding.

Another easy way to manage your China Post orders is by using a mobile app like Parcel or TrackPack that covers the company’s deliveries. By entering your tracking number into these apps, you can access the full tracking dashboard and find out where your shipment is.

If you can’t access either a mobile app or the China Post website, you can call the firm’s tracking department at +86 11183 (for EMS deliveries).

Many companies need to ship goods from Chinese factories, and every day thousands of urgent documents pass between the UK and China as well. This makes it vital to find a postal service that you can rely on, to offer simple order tracking. China Post allows customers to track EMS and regular Air Mail orders all the way to the UK Post Office, providing reassurance that your crucial shipments are safely on their way.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

34 China Post Tracking reviews

  1. James S

    I ordered from China on the 21st January and still not received anything. My tracking number is Lx265451340cn.

    Please update me.

  2. Lindsey

    It has said my item has been deliveries however I don’t have the item I’m wondering where it is ?

  3. Alex

    Where is my delivery that I ordered from you guys?

  4. davey

    89063927811 is my tracking info been 2 months now total scam last time I order from here

  5. Malcolm haycock

    Im still wedding for my refund 16.88 pounds

  6. Oliver Pitts


    I’ve checked the progress of my parcel, reference: AG025713617CN.
    It’s showing as posted however has remained in Shijiazhuang for the last few days, please could any further progression be confirmed along with the item description I.e. Gift, standard item etc.
    Many thanks.

  7. Jo

    Item hasn’t moved since the 11/01! It’s now the 2/02 and I’m still waiting! Poor service. Not happy

  8. Harold Dover


    Hi I ordered case covers 2 blue one I have not got them yet and it says I should of got the 24 september


    How long is my parcel gunna be please I need it ASAP tracking number is AG023311638CN

  10. lisa

    When will I get my delivery RO630333745CN

  11. Julie

    I ordered my item at the beginning of September and there is no tracking information from the 17th, is anyone able to help on where the parcel is or a rough estimate of when it will arrive

  12. Lee Cullen

    My tracking number is not working and i know seller has passed package onto China post

  13. Sharon Stuart

    I am still waiting for a watch ordered over 4 weeks show and when I place my tracking number. 11899374192 It is not recognised , I would like to know why it’s not recognised and where is my parcel

    Sharon Stuart

  14. marie

    Hi my tracking number doesnt seem to work. Can you confirm if my parcel is on its way please? YE103842365CN

  15. Emily

    I ordered around two months ago, the tracking number doesn’t work and no reply from the seller I’d like it re sent or a refund

  16. Lisa

    My tracking number LX977503675CN
    Doesn’t work
    Bought something for my boy of what

  17. Snail

    Item not moved in 11 days rubbish service

  18. Jason rowley

    RS192185147CN In England Royal Mail network since the 2/9/16 still no delivery and seller is no longer available so i can’t get any more info can you please help ?

  19. jodie bailey

    My Order WAS Handed Over To China Post On THE 5th It’s Now THE 18th And I Am Still Unable To Track My Parcel Why Am I Unable To Track It ?

  20. Paul ives

    I placed order lx963666205cn 6 weeks ago still received nothing

  21. De Cameron

    Hi, I was due to receive my delivery on the 2nd September. Please can you tell me when it will arrive? My tracking number is RS191738255CN

    1. G singh

      Hi, I was due to receive my delivery on the 2nd September. Please can you tell me when it will arrive? My tracking number is RQ049319157MY.
      Plz let me knw how long Gona be reached at home.

  22. Eric Edosomwan

    I bought some items and was issue with this tracking number RM718330029CN. On tracking, the number appears as incorrect. Could you please ascertain the authencity/genuineness of this number, please

  23. sam fowler

    Where is my delivery?

  24. Richard

    My tracking number doesn’t seem to work Ag022154445cn any ideas where my parcel is?

  25. Nambe

    Where is my delivery?

  26. Corey cherrington

    My tracking number doesn’t work


    1. Sara

      My tracking no doesnt work. Parcel was posted a week a go i should be able to track it by now? Please can you elaborate?

    2. Elouise Briggs

      I can’t track my parcel, it keeps telling me it’s an invalid tracking number.

  27. Vivek

    CAN you do redelivery please

  28. Vivek

    redelivery please

  29. Loroana Lidian Almeida Simoes

    Hello i would like to know ify package is already in england or not . Or if is not here if will take to much time thanks

  30. Ellis

    Hello I ordered something and I got an email on Wednesday to say it has been dispatched I am wondering when it will arrive


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