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The CollectPlus website offers a tracking service. Every parcel can be tracked using the seven digit tracking code, this is entered into the website and then the location of the parcel can be seen.

Enter Collect Plus Tracking Number:

A returned parcel or a parcel sent on the economy service will be allocated to one of three different locations. Parcel collected and routed to National Hub centre, sorted at National Hub centre and routed to destination or delivered to recipient in 3-5 working days.

A parcel sent on the standard service will be allocated to similar locations, but with definitive delivered information. The standard service uses collected and routed to National Hub centre, sorted at National hub and re-routed to destination and Parcel delivered to recipient.

Tracking a Sent Parcel

When a parcel is dropped off at a store, the store will issue a receipt which will include a seven digit tracking code. The code can be entered at the website.

Tracking an Incoming Parcel

When a purchase has been made from one of the affiliated stores, the store will be able to inform the customer of the seven digit tracking code. Most online stores will instantly inform the customer of the tracking number.

What is CollectPlus

CollectPlus is a different type of postal service. Instead of sending your package from a post office or having it delivered to your door, you use local stores and petrol stations to drop off and pick up your parcel.

You will have seen the logo in your local shops’ windows and on the door of the petrol station, but you might not know what CollectPlus is. Having built on the simple philosophy that not everyone is at home to sign for important packages, the service works with small traders and local shops to arrange for your parcels to be collected from them. The benefits of this system have been welcomed by a wide variety of customers and have made CollectPlus the largest store-based parcel service in the UK.

How CollectPlus works

The CollectPlus service offers three main functions. You can send a parcel, return a parcel or use the Click and Collect service. All three of these options utilises the CollectPlus store network of over 5,500 newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets and petrol stations. The store network ensures that you are never far away from a participating shop. There is no longer the need to only go the Post Office. Using the CollectPlus website, you can enter a postcode and the handy map will show you all of the local stores in the CollectPlus network.

Send a parcel

CollectPlus can be used by anyone who wants to send a parcel, either personal or business. The process is exactly the same, but with slightly preferential prices for businesses who send large quantities of packages.

To send a package, you should visit the CollectPlus website, enter the package details, pay the shipping costs and then print out the label. This is attached to your package and you can drop the parcel off at any of your local CollectPlus stores.

Once the parcel has been dropped off in the store, you are able to track it’s progress via the CollectPlus website.

Return a parcel

If you have ordered a product and it was sent via CollectPlus, but you have changed your mind and would like to return the product, CollectPlus makes it easy to return this to the over 260 retailers. Simply go to the CollectPlus website, click on the returns section and select the company you are returning the product to. Print off the label, attach it to the parcel and drop this off at one of the CollectPlus stores. If you would like to track your parcel on it’s way back to the retailer, this can be viewed on the website too.

Click & Collect

Table  - Copyrights Collect+

Table – Copyrights Collect+

CollectPlus currently works with over 30 of the world’s biggest brands to allow you to shop on their sites and then have your purchases delivered to a CollectPlus store. Stores from Amazon, ASDA and ASOS through to Very and Wiggle offer you the chance to use CollectPlus and it is very simple to use.

When you buy online, just choose CollectPlus as your delivery option and select your local store where you would like to pick up your purchase from. You will be emailed as soon as your parcel has been delivered to the store. In this email, there will be a collection barcode, which you can print out or just use your phone to take to the store.

By allowing you to choose your local store, the CollectPlus service allows you to either choose the closest store to you, the one you are going to on your way home anyway to get some milk, or just to choose the one which opens the earliest or closes the latest.

The cost to send a package

When you send a parcel with CollectPlus, the cost to send the package is not determined by distance or size, but purely on the weight of the parcel. As a general guide a light parcel sent on the economy scale will cost £4.89, whilst a heavy parcel sent on the standard service will cost £9.29

Send a parcel

Parcels are graded on weight, a light parcel is under 2kg, a regular parcel is between 2kg and 5kg, whilst a heavy parcel is up to 10kg. All parcels have a maximum size of 60x50x50cm. CollectPlus offer two delivery speeds.The cheapest is Economy, which can take between 3 and 5 working days. The more expensive Standard option can take between 2 and 3 working days.

Once you know how heavy your package is and then how quickly you need the package to get to it’s destination, you can work out the costs involved. The following prices are for a light parcel, regular parcel and heavy parcel respectively.

  • Economy – £4.89, £6.19, £8.29
  • Standard – £5.59, £7.19, £9.29

Returning a parcel

If you have ordered a parcel from a retailer, it is very simple to return this to them. The retailer will already be registered with CollectPlus and all of their details will automatically added to your return label. There is no charge to return a package to any of the listed retailers, all you need to do is attach the label and drop it off at your local store.

Signing up for Returns

Businesses which send large volumes of packages can sign up to the CollectPlus service and receive reduced rates on the postage. Discounts start at over 50,000 packages a year, so would not be suitable for an occasional Ebay seller or a small business.

Why would you use CollectPlus

CollectPlus offers a useful variation to the home delivery postal services so many other companies offer. With most people’s working hours being 9-5 all week long, there are too many occasions where an important delivery is missed because you were unable to be home all day to collect it. Indeed, there is little in life more annoying than arriving home to a ‘Sorry we missed you’ card and having to go to the post office to sign for a package with proof of identification.

Store Selection

Store Selector  - Copyrights Collect+

Store Selector – Copyrights Collect+

The network of participating stores is the greatest strength of the CollectPlus system. Most customers will be able to access a variety of local stores which allows them to select the one which is most appropriate for them each time.

Operating Hours
Being able to select the most appropriate store is more than just about location. Certain stores will be open earlier and others will be open later outside of normal business hours. The benefit of being able to collect a package at 11pm from the local petrol station might not be overtly obvious until that one time that you actually need to use the service.

Competitively Priced

The CollectPlus service is priced below the standard Post Office parcel service and very competitively priced against all other home delivery services.

Is it safe to use CollectPlus

The CollectPlus service offers a variety of differences to regular parcel services which lead to better security. If a parcel is sent via a traditional service and the recipient is not home, a parcel can be left on the doorstep which is then hopefully still waiting there when the home-owner returns. Leaving the parcel on the doorstep might be the easiest way for a person to pick up their package when they are not home, but it relies heavily on the kindness of neighbours and strangers not to take the parcel.

All stores which are part of the CollectPlus network are monitored and overseen by CollectPlus. This ensures that not only are all members reliable and trustworthy, but that all customers receive the same style and level of service at all CollectPlus stores.

When using the CollectPlus service, all financial transactions are conducted on the CollectPlus website. This ensures that no financial transactions are conducted in any shop, so everything is 100% traceable.

The CollectPlus website utilises data encryption to ensure that the transactions on their website are as secure as it is possible to be online. The payment system is directed through the MasterCard or Visa system to add another level of security for your payments.

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