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EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international postal cooperative made up of the members of the Universal Postal Union, with its headquarters in China.

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The UPU was set up as a cooperative organisation by China Post in order to coordinate delivery services across the world, so that operators in smaller countries could improve their services and to provide customers everywhere with a set of reliable postal standards.

With 179 members in total, the UPU has also created a unified delivery tracking system. Spanning almost the entire globe, this network enables British customers to track orders from previously inaccessible locations, ensuring that none of their shipments are lost or delayed.

Using the EMS Delivery Tracking Service

When you make an order for delivery with EMS members, you will be provided with a 13 digit tracking number. This should be contained in your printed or digital order confirmation, and is essential if you want to track your order across UPU members.

If you have not been provided with a number, or you do not know where to find it, you can make a request to the sender, who will be happy to provide it.

When you have found your 13 digit number, simply go to the EMS website and choose the delivery tracking option. Now enter the number and press “track”. You will be taken to the tracking console, where you can find information about your parcel’s location and status.

Using the EMS Service To Ship From China

EMS is a major shipper from China, in conjunction with China Postal Express & Logistics, which was the parent company of the international cooperative.

The firm’s Chinese service includes door-to-door express parcel deliveries and logistics solutions for bulk customers, with the ability to link British businesses and Chinese manufacturers.

EMS in China offers an International Guarantee Service for UK customers. This enables EMS to link up directly with Royal Mail outlets in British cities, provides a 24-hour helpline for customer queries and establishes a guaranteed delivery time for every order.

The guarantee also extends to order tracking. When you ship items from China with EMS, you can use a different order tracking system called Track & Trace, which links up to the global EMS network. This can be found on the EMS China website. All you need to track an order from China is your tracking number, and multiple orders can also be tracked at the same time.

In the past, sourcing deliveries from countries outside North America and Europe has meant long delays, uncertainty and high costs. EMS have created a network of postal companies that reaches across the world, providing an ordering and tracking service to solve this problem. Whether you are having items shipped from South America, Africa or China, EMS provides a reliable postal option.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

42 EMS Tracking reviews

  1. stewart martin

    my item number EA271255565CN has not arrived and I was wondering when it will be delivered

  2. Veraz

    I order in 22.11.16 and still not get my item? LX227631479CN
    When I’ll get my item?

  3. Daniel stephens

    I have an order and it’s still staying its left Kingston and that was on the 29/11/2016 I sent to know when it I’s going to arrive


  4. Omobolanle Ramon

    Pls l have not seen my parcel am expecting it since Wednesday. Tracking CP913669425NG

  5. Omobolanle Ramon

    Please l have been expecting my parcel since Wednesday but till now to no avail. My tracking CP913669425NG

  6. Kate

    My track number is LX223467817CN
    From you site they are saying that my address is wrong and they cannot deliver .Where can I gow to pick up my item? We are from Oxford

  7. Ama

    My parcel was sent on the 29/11/2016, will be travelling on the 3/12/2016.can someone pls tell me if I will get my parcel before I depart stirling.EG00978520GH

  8. Desislava

    Where is my parcel RS664756023NL

    1. Desislava

      Where is my parcel RS664756023NL?

  9. Ada

    My parcel hasn’t been delivered but on your it says posting/delivered 10/10/16.
    That’s my tracking number, where is my package please?

  10. Simon cheng

    Still not receive from two weeks EA115607191CN please call me 07809671898

  11. Mina Gadhia

    Can you please let me know when I can expect to receiveyou order. The tracking number is LX981665895CN but your tracking system says the following in bright red “There are currently no information for the entered tracking number available. Please check the entered tracking number for typos or try again later”. I have spent a lot of money and would like to know when I can expect to receive it. Regards Mina Gadhia

  12. K yussuf

    Hi, could some please help me…. my parcel was supposed to be deliver last week but have not receive it yet please I need someone to get back to. Track no. EE322244674NG

  13. jodie bailey

    My parcel was received by china post 10 days ago on the 5th of September but I am still unable to track it and have had no update since the 5th can you tell me what is going on

  14. james obrien

    Still no parcel .don’t know where it is .please let me know .Ea163531467cn.will ask for money back if no reply

  15. Victor

    Pls I need my stuffs by the coming Saturday

  16. Victor

    Pls this my EE322097415NG


    My parcel has been sent a week ago still not received



  18. ulasi Eucharia

    pls i need a delivery update of Ee324828293ng psted from Nigeriia on 24/8/2016.Tnx.

  19. Paul ives

    I have been waiting 5 weeks for parcel
    Lx963666205cn where is it

  20. Paul ives

    Where is my parcel


  21. Ewelina Garncarz

    Where is my parcel RR845231329PL pls let me know

  22. Jenny

    Hi can u please tell me where my parcel is please

  23. Prince Kyeremeh

    Pls am standing behalf of Mr Richard kumi tabiri for his parcel which has not deliver since abt a month ago dat is my track number. EGOO8846176GH

  24. Richard kumi tabiri

    My parcel has keep long time ago wit no delivery

  25. Prince Kyeremeh

    Pls am standing behalf of Mr Richard kumi tabiri for his parcel which has not deliver since abt a month ago

  26. Ryan

    Hi, I’ve just tracked my parcel number LX962571722CN, and it says it was delivered three days ago, but I haven’t received it, so I was just wondering where it is.

  27. Janet Hall

    Hi please can someone check this parcel EE500444997PH. I’ve been waiting for this for over a month and until now hasn’t arrive yet. Can someone please investigate.


  28. Latif

    Hi, canyou tell me when my parcel will be arriving?
    this is the tracking number: EA150921543CN

  29. Richard Sarkodie

    when is parcel number EG00866880GH arriving

  30. Richard Sarkodie

    can you please tell me when parcel number will be arriving EGOO8668820GH

  31. Sam Jones

    Hi can you tell me when parcel number CC003126481LV will be arriving?

  32. Jane

    This did not help…I still don’t know where my parcel is and when it’s going to arrive.

  33. Luke

    I still done know were my parcel is

  34. Shahnaz khan

    I would like to know where my parcel is

  35. Akeem ojuroye


  36. Akeem ojuroye

    Hello I really want to know about my pace the tracking number given to me, is nt given my d current update, LS954299653

  37. Loredana

    Hi,please can you tell me when my staff will be deliver?thanks

    1. Nabil Elghareeb

      my parcel has beeb sent 5 days ago from Egypt but I haven’t received it yet when shall can i expected delivery.

    2. Yaqoub altammar

      I am expecting a parcel from china under tracking number EV934872284CN
      Since the 26th af August and has been dispatched to UK since 28th of August. When i will my parcel to reach my address

      1. Melody pinkman

        Can you inform me when my parcel will be delivered as this is a joke i ordered on 23rd and got told it was despatched by email item number


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