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From the time you send your parcel via Interlink, the tracking information will be available on the Internet for at least 4 months.

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Interlink Express – Tracking procedure

Tracking - Copyrights Interlink

Tracking – Copyrights Interlink

You will need to generate a profile in order to view your consignment. To be able to use the tracking system of Interlink, an Internet connection with an IBM or Mac compatible PC will be necessary. When you log in to the website of Interlink, you must adjust your cookies on your browser so that your system identifies the site during transactions. The track-and-trace system allows clients to track their parcels using the standard or advanced online options.

If you opt for the standard option, you need to fill out the search fields by entering your consignment number, collection request number, and courier’s reference number. The advanced option on the other hand, allows you to search by delivery postcode, receiver’s phone number or email address.

The tracking system of Interlink can also retrieve a standard screen in the event of not being assigned a consignment number. However, this is only possible if you register on their site and are logged in your account.

The system allows you to change your login and password details any time. This will prevent your employees or co-workers to access your delivery details online. With the advancement in technology, you can now monitor urgent collection and delivery activities by simply opening your browser and getting real-time updates. Businesses can monitor up to 50 shipments at once on the track-and-trace section of the website.

Detailed guide about Interlink Express

Drivers  - Copyrights Interlink

Drivers – Copyrights Interlink

Interlink Express is a leading courier service in UK. With its integrating network of ground-based and air express service to other countries in the world, the company has continuously fulfilled clients’ logistic and distribution needs. This courier service has over 100 franchised depots throughout the UK.


Interlink Express is wholly owned by La Poste and is a subsidiary of GeoPost. With the help of its sister company, DPD, it has 800 depots in 31 countries in Europe. The international mail delivery service provides deliveries of up to 2 million parcels a day. The fleet of vehicles operates overnight links between 60 international depots. Thanks to a £15 million investment, the hub sites in the West Midlands now have the capacity to store 160,000 parcels per night.

The company has recently introduced a greener way to send parcels to Europe. With 8 times less carbon emissions than air mail, it makes sense to send parcels by road service. This system is not only cost-effective, but the delivery times are also much faster.

In the past, it was more difficult to deliver parcels to residential addresses than business premises; this is why Interlink has developed an interactive service that lets customers know when their parcels will arrive.

Thanks to the extended ‘predict’ service, clients are notified when the courier is going to pick up their parcels. The message is delivered via text or email and you have the option to change collection date. The advantage of this free-of-charge ‘predict’ services is that you will know exactly when your parcel will be collected, thus allowing you to plan your day in advance.

Interlink Shipping

People who shop online are always particular about the delivery and shipment service of the provider. One of the most annoying things that can happen is for the item to be misplaced. This is something no customer wants to see happening to their packages. If you are buying your goods online, or sending a package to a friend, you want to make sure you choose a good delivery company for this task.

It is important to find a courier service that offers 24 hour deliveries. This means that your goods will be delivered in time. The other important factor to consider is the reputation of the company. A good service provider should have links to where you can open a business account, create shipment, arrange for a product pick up, estimate delivery time, and calculate the price. As packages are handled a few times during the delivery stage, all items must be packed to a good standard in order for them to arrive to their destination undamaged.

You can easily arrange collections by following the step-by-step instructions of Interlink’s website. As long as collections are submitted by 2pm, they can be actioned the same day. You may view your collection request online, by entering the date of entry or collection. In case a delivery has failed the first time, you can rearrange for another one via the website.

Interlink Express Pricings

Drivers  - Copyrights Interlink

Drivers – Copyrights Interlink

All parcels’ pricings are based on their weight (including packaging). If the volume of the items exceed 6 cubic metres, and they are to be send to a UK address, a fee of £15 must be added. The weight of any parcel cannot exceed 31 kilograms and VAT will also apply to all the amounts that you pay.

If you compare the rates, you may conclude that regular post works out cheaper than courier service. However, with regular post you will not get the same efficiency and speed. Even though you pay more for a courier service, you won’t have to worry about the time it takes for your item to reach its destination, or whether it will get there in one piece.

Interlink assures Safety of Goods

By far, the most preferred way of delivering items that are bought online is by a courier. Internet-based retailers send their products all over the world through this method because it provides speed and reliability. When an online shop sends an item using a courier service, you can be sure that you will receive it in the quickest possible time. Many courier companies provide 24-hour services so an international package can reach the client within 2 to 4 working days.

When you take the factor of safety into consideration, your shipped item is less likely to be misplaced by a courier than normal post. Thanks to a tracking number that is available to you and the receiver, you can both monitor the progress of the delivery. In addition, Interlink Express conducts random vehicle searches that leave or enter the site. The parcels’ security is taken very seriously by the company as the staff checks the seals on vehicles to ensure secure handling and delivery of packages. All in all, the chances of parcels getting lost or misplaces are slim as the track-and-trace system will tell the company where the package is at any given time.

If you are sending fragile goods, you should make sure the courier will handle the package carefully. Most carriers take extra care when loading and unloading fragile items from their vehicles as long as the package is clearly marked ‘fragile’. If you need help with boxing your product, you can always use the Logistics division, which offers a fully integrated service.

Benefits of using Interlink Express

Mobile  - Copyrights Interlink

Mobile – Copyrights Interlink

When it comes to finding an international courier that is trustworthy and reliable, you no longer need to go through third part delivery networks. By simply entering your parcel info online, you can pay and have it collected by the courier at the drop-off location that is nearest to your home or business.

Not only can you use the extensive delivery network to mainland Europe, but you can also take advantage of this international courier company by getting a quote online. Using Interlink Express has many benefits for domestic and international clients. With its efficient operation system and 100 UK depots, you can get your item delivered within 24 hours. The company also offers £75 free transit liability insurance and there are no third parties involved. If your package is to be sent to a UK address, you can take advantage of the one-hour delivery notification information. This is a free of charge service to all customers.

With fast customs clearance, your goods will get to their destination quicker. DPD Direct (The sister company of Interlink Express) utilises a paperless system to ensure parcels receive fast-track customs clearance. Paperless system means that all the customs requirements are taken care of via the Web, and there is no need to produce any invoices for the parcel. If your parcel’s destination is to a non-EU country, you will need to pay duty. With DPD Direct, your item will pass through customs instantly and you will be invoiced for any payable duties separately.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

14 Interlink Tracking reviews

  1. lebo

    im waiting for my parcel since monday the driver called me n told me he was stopped by the metropolice they wanted to open my parcel . they refuss the driver to go on with the trip and my staff was left in bloemfontein metro office still shocked.

  2. Sophie

    I am also expecting a package from the UK which arrived this morning and I am told that I have to pay R2000 because the package weighs 7.5Kg… how do I know this is not a scam and how can I be assured that I am actually going to receive the package??? Please help, I need clearity before I can proceed with this

  3. Nolungelo Memela

    I’m very disappointed about you guys

  4. Nolungelo Memela

    hello i’m Nolungelo Memela i have a percel come from UK with Luis William i paid a lots of money but my parcel is still there why i paid R8,990.00 including the money charges that were inside my parcel why you playing with me?

  5. Trisha

    A girl called me awhile ago that my parcel arrived here in Philippines today . the parcel is from UK but she said that i can get the parcel if i pay the custom clearance charges. Is this true, that there’s a payment. We will pay first before we can get the package? Is this a scam?

  6. Nor Koroh

    Why should i pay the parcel before i receive it?

  7. Bongekile

    I am bongekile sinina sigwili and I expected a delivery yesterday but when I recieved a call I could not here the person called me i think its due to network problem

  8. anne

    somebody’s using the same name of the courier but i guess its a scammer i am expecting a parcel yesterday you sent me an email that i cannot get the parcel without paying the customs clearane verification the sender uses the company name interpost express link service at their first emails then at the email yesterday they used interlink express direct courier service i dont know who to believe anymore but i replied to the email because my father is a customs agent also here in philippines i can easily get the parcel i am willing to pay the clearance charge as long as its not thru western union i will pay it personally and pick it up.

  9. vani

    If my parcels confiscated how can I get it

  10. vani

    Hi I recently received a patcel from Atlanta Georgia by interlink express courier services a guy by the name of Bongani called me to tell me my parcel arrived I need to pay R4630 I told him to deliver parcel and I will pay. Please tell me how it works because he told me my parcels are going to be confiscated. He sounded strange

  11. uk classifieds

    Really nice web site write-up. Definitely looking forward to examine a lot more. Desire more.

  12. lunda

    Why do we have to pay too much money in order to receive the pacerl, and why here at South Africa we are robbed by your agents,lastly give me the reason why must I use this services again while I was robbed and paid 8000 to get my parcel

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lunda. These are legit questions. Did you pay 8000 in tax or import? We are not Interlink to be on safe side, but an independent third party offering a free tracking service.

    2. vani

      Lunda when you paid the 8000 did you get your parcel


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