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myhermes is a doorstep collection service operating as part of the Hermes Group, a parcel delivery company headquartered in Germany.

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MyHermes – How it works

The tracking service offered by myHermes allows individuals to locate their package in real time. If someone wants to track a parcel that they themselves have sent, they don’t require a tracking number to do so. They can simply log in to their myHermes account, look to the top right hand corner of their screen and click on ‘Your Shipments’. If someone is receiving a package, they will need to get a 16 digit tracking number from the sender of the parcel. They can use this to locate their delivery by entering it into the ‘Track a parcel’ search box located on the top right hand corner of the main page of the myHermes website. Once they hit ‘Go’ they will receive live tracking information relating to their package.

The benefits. – MyHermes Tracking

myhermes prides itself on recruiting couriers with local knowledge, allowing the company to provide swift and reliable delivery in all circumstances. Consequently, they have one of the industry’s leading first hit delivery rates.One of the more unusual benefits offered by myHermes is the option to nominate a ‘safeplace’. If a customer is unable to be present for a delivery, they can nominate a place that they feel is safe and the courier will leave the package there. When dispatching a package, a sender can also make a direct request to their recipient to nominate a safe place.

The service provider also offers integration for sellers working with several major online marketplaces.


With myHermes sellers can import their ebay orders with just a few simple steps.


myHermes makes it easy for sellers to imports all the shipments from their Amazon pro account, making it straightforward to manage order tracking and delivery options for their clients. By making it easier for clients to track their orders themselves, sellers can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on responding to order location queries.

Easy Multiple Order Management

With the new CSV upload system offered by myHermes, sellers can upload large numbers of orders in a single stroke and take advantage of the benefits of myHermes tracking and package delivery for all their orders.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

386 myHermes Tracking reviews

  1. Sam

    You courier left a callong card in my letterbox (which isnt thst big since I live in a flat) said he’d call back the next day they didn’t bother . Contacted you guys there’s not alot you can do seen as it’s saying delivered . Still currently trying to locate my parcel and getting impatient.

  2. Catherine i arnott

    hi I have been away. sorry. would like all my parcels delivered.. please.

  3. Christopher Farrelly

    Says parcel delivered. It hasn’t been. number 1000979253375982. No neighbours or other family members have signed. Please respond

  4. Chloe

    I haven’t received my parcel and it’s saying it’s delivered?? 78-194-74-24697688-4

  5. tray

    sent bk a parcel on the 6th of june iv tried to track it but its saying its not in the system….if u cud let me no were it is as iv only 14 day t gt it bk to the shop…….000307261715 …thankyou

  6. Carly

    I ordered an item from eBay and unfortunately you were the chosen courier. I have heard negative reviews about your reliability before and now I have my own personal issues with you that need resolving.
    Having checked back on eBay to make sure that my item had been posted, I was surprised to see that it had been marked as delivered! Following this I used my tracking number: 8303698247376486 to determine if this was the case and was shocked to find that you were reporting the same thing. I have absolutely not received any parcels and I have even checked with neighbours and in any out of sight place that I can think of. The parcel has not arrived. What solutions are you able to offer to this situation?

  7. Amy

    Hermes is an awful company. Two of my packages have gone missing now stated as ‘delivered’ on the tracking. No note through, no package. Unacceptable, never use this company.

  8. David

    This company is the worse ever. I used it a few time and always I had problem. Don’t use it if you can

  9. David Whelan

    I’ve tracked my item 5563475249691880 and it states as it’s been delivered,it certainly hasn’t as I’ve been waiting on it for 2 days now ,could you please tell me when or if it is being delivered ?

  10. Sue Mills

    I had to go away unexpectedly on July 1st.
    I arrived home today July 3rd and had a card put through my letterbox saying Hermes left a parcel by my green bin under my carport.
    Must have been stolen but what do you expect leaving it where people walking by can see it!!!

  11. Jennie Appleby

    I booked a courier and tracked the parcel to find it says delivered “left in a secure location” but my customer is saying this has still NOT been delivered? Please can I have a copy of the signature as I paid extra for it.
    Really disappointed and I expect as immediate answer.

  12. Aleza


    My tracking number is 8685395249364886. It says my item was left on my porch?? But there’s nothing here.
    I am really angry, I’ve paid for my item and I have no received it and now I’m worried someone else has seen it at the front of my house and taken it. I gave no instructions to leave it outside my house?? Why would they do that! This was a very expensive tripod and I desperately need it to complete my work!!!

  13. Christine

    My order says its been delivered but it hasn’t??? Tracking number 9590267246266183

  14. Bruce

    5509876248813082 has not been delivered as my hermes tracking says so. So where is my parcel Mr hermes as this service is clearly wrong and customer satisfaction is zero. What a waste of time. #dontusethis service.

  15. Kate

    Saying parcel
    Delivered but not received 1035772254428383

  16. Sarah

    I received this tracking number today when the eBay seller marked the item for dispatch. I only purchased it yesterday. The tracking number says delivered. However this isn’t possible and clearly hasn’t happened. Please can you check when I’m likely to receive my parcel 1108196252809589

  17. Julie

    Here we go again!!!! I’m slowly but surely losing the will to live with this company!!!! Yet another parcel says it’s been delivered but yet again it has NOT benn delivered to me. This parcel is worth a lot of money so I would like an answer as to where it is please. You asked for my phone number and I gave it but had no contact from yourselves. This is not a good way to run a business. If I had the chance I would recommend people NOT to use your company. Tracking number is 1034582253401581. Let’s hope I get a reply this time. I see lots and lots of posts with the same issue. You need to sort this out as its not only frustrating but infuriating too!!!!

  18. Ben stennett

    Orderd a parcel last week and paid special delivery for it saying it will be delivered today between 8-12 it’s now 15:00hrs and still not revived it and won’t even let me track my parcel I’ve tried more then once to see were it is and know clue. Really annoyed. I’ll never be using this delivery service agian.

  19. Marcin

    Hi my parcel says delivered but I have not received it could you follow this up for me please tracking no is 9532477254866886thank you

    1. Jay


  20. Julie jones

    My tracking number is 0309782246018589. It says my parcel was delivered yesterday?????? I have NOT received it at all. Where is my parcel please. I am sick to death of this happening with this company. Please contact me on 07715697190

  21. Michael Tapper

    Repeat last message

  22. Michael Tapper

    How can a parcel delivered on 24th May still not have arrived?
    Tracking number 8915340252771280

  23. David B-C

    It says my package has been delivered but I haven’the received it. Tracking number: 8801488247942586

  24. Chaimain Barrow

    5929089249128486 is my track number it is say that my item has not move do you no wen i well get my item need it asap please thank you

  25. Imogen

    Item came earlier than expected! Lady who delivered is always very friendly and patient 🙂 Thankyou

  26. Kaye costin

    Hi my tracking number is 8846080976094388 it’s from homecraft just wondered whend it’s going to be delivered cause it just says manefest to courier thanks.

  27. Nick

    The worst courier service I have ever had the misfortune to use. Couriers lie, customer service number not made freely available, web chat useless. Do not ever use these scumbags. Ever.

  28. Cindy

    I have not received this item – 8833080248607380 eventhough the tracking says signed for?????

  29. Rose bargary

    My tracking number is 1186883249294784 this was meant to have been delivered at signed by at my address on the 13th of may I didn’t receive it

  30. Miss kathleen buck

    Hi my item 5512375249289185 is saying been posted through my letter box but i have not recieved the item can someone please check this and het back to me please

  31. Linzi

    I was to receive a parcel today my email that I received at 8.34am said between 13.00 – 17.00, that’s great, I’m in my back conservatory washing machine on, then I notice you have been today at 10.35, after I quickly ring the driver & send a text at 10.40 to see if it would be possible to turn round, no reply, I receive another email from you at 11.01 saying my delivery will be between 10.00 – 14.00, that’s no good sending after the attempted delivery, did your driver advise this. I’m not to happy why send emails so we make sure were available when there wrong.

  32. J. Kendall

    First off, why would you have the first thing customers see on your website as “Tracking Result DELIVERED” when it’s obvious they wouldn’t be on the site if it had been delivered that’s just silly. Then the actual information it does give is very vague and unhelpful. Then there is the super slow delivery time jeez I could of gone and collected it myself in the time it’s taken.

  33. Maria Campos

    Parcel 8960975253885485 , it says it has been delivered which is a tremendous lie since it was posted yesterday and no one has delivered anything to my house today neither last night. Please answer asap as it is an extremely valuable birthday present for my 4 years old son.
    You are a provider , sort your issues . We pay for your service the least you should do it is to have a good system in place a do not lie to your customers. I should expect an answer to where is my parcel asap.

  34. Dean Timmons

    Your website says my parcel has been delivered but nothing has arrived here. Paid a lot of money so I expect my parcel. Tracking number: 5809170248521280

  35. Nadine Lowrey

    5716776983222683 This is the tracking number. It says it was delivered at a Hermes shop but they have not received it. This is the 3rd deliver the driver has not delivered. Absolute joke I wish I would ask companies not to use you as everytime I order something and it’s delivered by Hermes it never turns up. The local
    Courier is very unhelpful. Please track this order and let me know where and who signed for it.

  36. Penny

    Actually shocking service!!! My item that was men to be delivered say it was delivered on Thursday and left on my porch. .. I don’t even have a bloody porch !… why would yous say yous deliver at 10 pm at night (when I was in) yet no parcel has been delivered !… doesn’t make me happy at all and a Deffo wouldn’t use yous again unless yous end up delivering my parcel !! Or refund my item I paid for that was MEN BE DELIVERED FROM YOUS!…

    My tracking number is 5700576252931181 sort this out!

  37. Penny

    Actually shocking service!!! My item that was men to be delivered say it was delivered on Thursday and left on my porch. .. I don’t even have a bloody porch !… why would yous say yous deliver at 10 pm at night (when I was in) yet no parcel has been delivered !… doesn’t make me happy at all and a Deffo wouldn’t use yous again unless yous end up delivering my parcel !! Or refund my item I paid for that was MEN BE DELIVERED FROM YOUS!…

  38. Emese Balog

    Hi, can you answer to me??? I have written more than one month ago and I didn’t get any answer. Unfortunately i didn’t get my items what I ordered but it says that was delivered. What’s happening? I can’t call your contact number because it’s busy all the time. My tracking number is 6016073247446880 i know that the seller try to send again and the delivery man couldn’t find my address. BUT why you give my items for the other people?? Or where is it??????Should call me if the delivery man doesn’t know where I live..I paid my item and I didn’t get it. I really hope I can get an answer.. It’s not normal..

  39. Carley Shepherd

    Hi I am waiting for a parcel 7809694245715182 it says that it was delivered today but I haven’t got it can you let me know what has happened pls

  40. Dawn

    I have now been waiting over 7 days for my parcel tracking no. 9041293245793183
    Can you please explain why it’s taken 6 days from drop off point to actually be advanced to next stage. I bought item from s seller on eBay, clearly not sellers fault for late delivery.

    Just to beat I use you to courier my parcels around, but now may have to find more reliable company.
    Where’s my parcel?

  41. Matthew lynch

    Tracking number :1038665249082387

    I have checked the details of my order which was an order of eBay, through hermes tracking and when I looked it says parcel was delivered, however I haven’t received it? Is this an error or is there info to where they have left my order? Possibility taken to wrong house? Reply ASAP as I see it looks as if this is a regular occurrence

  42. Liliya Burrett

    Really bad service. Orderd from asos goods on 14 April. Myhermas says delivered to secure location at 23.33 on Sunday. Where is secure location??? So annoying!!!
    Tracking number 8621296409683286

  43. Alison Bramble

    Tracking number: 7820372253849084
    Item on tracking claims it’s been delivered but someone’s been home all day and nothing has been delivered.
    Can you chase my purchase’s location?

    I need this item urgently.


    Annoyed Customer

  44. Mark

    Parcel says deliverd no parcel i av a tracking number

  45. Tracey lyall

    Could you please deliver after 3 pm, or leave with neighbour at number 11.

  46. David duncan

    Hi parcel from eBay shows up as delivered on your site but not received. Tracking number is 8180596246874280

    1. David duncan

      It’s arrived.

  47. Debbie Rossiter

    I am waiting for a parcel to be delivered when I tracked the parcel it says it has been delivered, it has not been delivered to me, my property has a huge sign outside with my address on it you’d have to be blind not to see it, where is my parcel? And why would it be delivered to any address other than the one on the parcel? Not good enough

  48. Skirmante

    My tracking nr.
    says my parcel been delivered and signature received. i like to know where was delivered and what signature they received if I never get my parcel?!?!

  49. Louisa Langridge

    The courier has attempted to deliver my parcel twice but I’ve been at work. Can delivery be arranged for this Saturday morning?

  50. Louisa

    Tracking number 1163078253601485
    A parcel I’m still waiting for, showing as delivered but I certainly have not received, please help! Need to know where my parcel is.


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