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myhermes is a doorstep collection service operating as part of the Hermes Group, a parcel delivery company headquartered in Germany.

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MyHermes – How it works

The tracking service offered by myHermes allows individuals to locate their package in real time. If someone wants to track a parcel that they themselves have sent, they don’t require a tracking number to do so. They can simply log in to their myHermes account, look to the top right hand corner of their screen and click on ‘Your Shipments’. If someone is receiving a package, they will need to get a 16 digit tracking number from the sender of the parcel. They can use this to locate their delivery by entering it into the ‘Track a parcel’ search box located on the top right hand corner of the main page of the myHermes website. Once they hit ‘Go’ they will receive live tracking information relating to their package.

The benefits. – MyHermes Tracking

myhermes prides itself on recruiting couriers with local knowledge, allowing the company to provide swift and reliable delivery in all circumstances. Consequently, they have one of the industry’s leading first hit delivery rates.One of the more unusual benefits offered by myHermes is the option to nominate a ‘safeplace’. If a customer is unable to be present for a delivery, they can nominate a place that they feel is safe and the courier will leave the package there. When dispatching a package, a sender can also make a direct request to their recipient to nominate a safe place.

The service provider also offers integration for sellers working with several major online marketplaces.


With myHermes sellers can import their ebay orders with just a few simple steps.


myHermes makes it easy for sellers to imports all the shipments from their Amazon pro account, making it straightforward to manage order tracking and delivery options for their clients. By making it easier for clients to track their orders themselves, sellers can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on responding to order location queries.

Easy Multiple Order Management

With the new CSV upload system offered by myHermes, sellers can upload large numbers of orders in a single stroke and take advantage of the benefits of myHermes tracking and package delivery for all their orders.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

386 myHermes Tracking reviews

  1. Dmitri Musienko

    Tracking number 1199593719088891. No status update, no idea where this parcel is and when it will arrive. No way to get this information from any contact detail provided. Horrible, terrible delivery company. Should not be used by anyone . Their management should be fired on spot and I very much hope that this piece of rubbish goes bust very soon.

  2. Bhurneesha

    Hi. I cannot seem to be able to track an item which has been sent through yourselves since 3 days ago. I have entered the tracking number multiple times and every time it keeps showing me the updating sign and this is never ending without an actual update. I would appreciate an update please. Many thanks

  3. Bernard Allbone

    Still waiting for my wheels no one knows anything keep saying it’s in the hub!! For a week it’s a joke won’t be using you again

  4. Jo

    Drivers are too lazy and bone idle to walk to the front door so don’t bother delivering parcels and lie saying there was restricted access.

  5. Graeme

    I ordered goods through a retailer who uses Hermes for delivery. Still waiting on package but have had no luck trying to find out where it is. Tracking states delivered to reception which is incredible considering the delivery address is my home and I don’t live in a mansion with a reception.

  6. Laura Shortall

    I ordered a soup maker through Groupon which from contacting them has apparently been delivered on 03-02-2017. This product has not been delivered to our address- we was left no card that it’s been delivered to a neighbours address.
    They can’t refund us as the statement says it has been delivered, however may I stress we have not got this item.

    I have tried to track online however it will not load up. Tracking reference: 7878077085822881.

    Please resolve this issue,


    Laura Shortall

  7. Katrina lund

    Hi I have been left a blank Hermes ticket. No information on it whatsoever. Please advise!

  8. Vivien gooch

    My order hasnt arrived. Received email saying it has been put in safe place. No card.

  9. jed

    I was in. when the courier attempted the delivery at 16.42 today. But he couldn’t have knocked or rung the bell because I would have answered. he just left a card with no phone number for me to contact him. Just a new date which is the 28th and I won’t be there till Monday.

  10. Julie de Jonquieres

    I have never previously had a problem with this courier service.
    However, I am waiting for a birthday present for my son….it says that this parcel has been signed for and delivered to me. I can guarantee that this is not the case nor is there a card stating delivery to any other address.
    I am very anxious that this parcel is now missing and I will have a devastated boy on my hands.
    Tracking number is 9025977246093580
    I really need this addressing ASAP

  11. John

    Till now I hade never a problem with Hermes. They always deliver fast and good at my address. But now I let them deliver at a Argos store, now min parcel with tracking number: 8876381255152685 went Missing. How come????

  12. Hayley

    Been trying g to track my parcel for the past 2 a think this parcel company needs shutting down judging by all the comments..I suggest you sort your company and we’re every body’s parcels are and fast ,parcels that go missing and are not delivered should be reported to the police as stolen by the delivery drivers of this company as that’s what seems is happening..and a full scale debate will be posted on fb ..and I will have your company closed down…so a suggest you sort your up dates out and put the proper info online..and people who have had packages go missing from this company report to police so they can put it on there fb website so ppl know not to go with this company

  13. John

    What a East of time company chucking a fragile marked parcel over a back fence what a twat of a driver never again I would rather send it by pigeon post next time that have bigger brains then your drivers

  14. Stewart Aitken

    Say it’s delivered to a secure place can some one please tell me where this is

  15. Natalie Munford

    Hi I am trying to track my parcel that someone has sent me through you but the code he has given doesn’t seem to come through on your tracking site the number is 5611988247223084

  16. Adrienne Parry


    I am tying to search for the above parcel but your tracking system does not appear to be working

    I have been advised by the sender that it is showing as delivered?!?!? I have not received it?!?!? So where is it?!?!

  17. Shelley Blowers

    I’m glad you delivered my parcel, but don’t lie and say “signed for by customer” when we weren’t home and you left the parcel right outside my front door where it can easily be stolen!!! We didn’t bloody sign for it and would have had sod all comeback from the shop if it had been stolen!!!

  18. Charlene Galloway

    Got a email saying parcel will be delivered today waited in all day for a email to say left in shed no not through the door check the shed nothing fort it was abit strange because I was in the front garden at the time was ment to be delivered so we’re is my parcel ???

  19. Mrs Jemma Hanley


    I’m waiting on a parcel being delivered by Hermes for an item I bought on eBay. I can’t get any tracking info up so I’m not sure if a deliver has been attempted today? This is the second parcel the seller has sent as the first one never got delivered and apparently was lost in transit.

    My tracking number is 9560474249417484. Can you tell me if this item is being delivered tomorrow.

    Many thanks

  20. Hamish

    Hey I have missed two of the pick ups because I am working. Can you please leave in the lobby with all the mail boxes which is perfectly safe or else at the local post shop as I need it about 2 days ago. My tracking number is 6624383075943189

  21. Jodie

    I am very unhapoy to say the least. I have been trying to to track my parcel which you received on the 2nd it was sent to the wrong place and now its is no where to be see it is telling me please allow 24 hours delay thay was TWO days ago. These are my sons school shoes and he is starting back 2morrow. Its not even down as missing. I want to know what is going on. I am not happy customer at all.


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