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A subsidiary of Royal Mail Group, Parcelforce Worldwide is a UK-based parcel shipping and logistics company whose delivery network – the world’s largest – spans 239 countries with the capacity to reach over 99% of the global population.

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  1. Adam baker

    I have list 2 parcels thru parcelforce i 1 week on the tracking it says released from customs so tell me if i am wrong far as i know that means there was no issues with my parcel called up parcelforce and the woman gave me attitude talk about customer service. She said i have to talk to customs spoke to customs and they said my parcel has been released as there is no issue with my parcel called parceforce back up and the man said my parcel has been detained lol so are customs lying and it says on there tracking released dont understand. I strongly recommend people stay away from parcelforce as you can see all the bad feedback. There is no good feedback the reason why . Because there is nothing good to say about parceforce. Stick with dhl .fedex .ups . Or even ride you bikes to get you parcel as parcelforce is shit i hope they close down and the arrogant bastards and slag bags in the call center lose there jobs lol

  2. Mrs Tracy Futcher

    I have waited in all day today for a parcel which could be delivered up until 6pm.
    By 5pm my husband was talking to an advisor at the Exeter depot who said the parcel had been returned as it could not be delivered and a card had been left.
    I have been in my kitchen ALL DAY and my kitchen window is 3 bricks width away from my front door which is on the edge of the pavement.
    No parcelforce van has been anywhere near my house today and I have lost a days wages and still have no parcel.

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  4. Suzie

    I am very disappointed in parcel force I sent a parcel registered mail from the 1\2\2917 to the USA my parcel didn’t reach the
    Person parcel force don’t know were my parcel is an their tracking page say despatch to sender I never receive my parcel almost a month now parcel force keep on telling me someone will call nobody call me how some one can sent a parcel an it gone missing

    1. Suzie

      Sorry that should be 2017 not 2917

  5. Christina Gordon

    Parcel Force have just collected 4 parcels from our home in Annan to be delivered to Bristol . The collection guy was so friendly jolly and up beat what a nice change!!

  6. Tia

    I am disgusted by parcel force and their service. They made a complete balls up of my consignment. Allegedly, I refused to accept delivery of my goods on 16 January. Then on 7 February I was allegedly asked to collect from depot. They then promptly sent item back to where it came from. I contacted Parcel force 7 times . First time I was told it is on its way to UK then promptly cut me off. 2ND time the same. And same for 3rd and 4th time. On 5TV time, one person said he’d check the manifest…. placed me on hold… to be answered by 6th person who told me to go on the EMS China site.
    On the 7th go, I spoke to Pat. The only person who had the guts to tell me the truth and understand the situation. I want answers! I’m seething and livid! If it wasn’t for the seller supplying me with all the details, I would still be waiting for delivery that parcel force sent back without my knowledge. Utterly disgusting!

  7. Ryan Cunningham

    Omg what a joke I pay for the express 24 hr delivery 3days later wtf still not here what bunch of useless melts I better be reimbursed

  8. lee harvey

    parcel was supposed to be delivered yesterday as per 48 hour delivery , no show now today have said to be delivered today , , number iz9474516 , why now am I still waiting for delivery and tracking says it’s in depot ????? 48 hour has been paid for its now 72 hours as well as weekend to sort in office surely to God you people can manage a simple delivery on day it’s supposed to be delivered

  9. Danny klopper

    Tracking don’t seem to work as I have been trying to track a delivery and it says the seller has posted it but that’s it nothing to say where it is or nothing

  10. Sevim Dolen

    my packet came wrong on the 9th 2017 inside the packet the stuff inside was not mine it was someone else’s if you guys can help me I will be happy and I will thank you allot I think that the packages were mixed up and on mine it says tupper ware on it and again if you please help me I will be so happy and I will thank you allot

  11. Mr Bilclough

    Apparently missed a delivery today 10th January which is rubbish as I was home. No card to need seen anywhere only reason I know this is because I tracked my parcel.iThis is ridiculous, such bad service

  12. Mr p.Kane

    It would be prudent if your drivers could txt to say they would be arriving within an half hour window, I completely wasted a full day . I live alone and could not wait any longer to take my dog out as he was need of relieving himself and sods law, that’s when parcel turned up !!

  13. Mr p.Kane

    During a 10 min window to walk my dog ,after waiting from 9am til 14.30 I missed attempted delivery, no card has been left and I would appreciate if u could advise how to receive parcel at the earliest opportunity

  14. David Murray

    Had a txt of parcelforce today stating my parcel would be here between 10.66-11.56 I have a customer waiting for me to fit the part that is the delivery!It is now13.14 no part has been delivered the customer has been put back to another day and no work for me.This will now cost me 3 days work.I am very reliable but this has put a dent in my pocket and my reputation.I would not recommend Parcel Force to anyone

  15. Unknown

    Absolutely awful. Extremely disappointed, took five different calls about 5-10 minutes long each time to get two packages delivered kept getting told ‘it will be delived to you tomorrow’ tomorrow came and it never tur es up. Very disappointed, they arrived today in an awful state.

  16. Clementina

    I sent a parcel to Italy on the 7th of Dec but it says insufficient address how can I locate my parcel?

  17. Fiona Atkinson

    Such a bad service, takes 15 minutes to get through the ridiculously bad voice recognition service to then be transferred to someone who then puts the phone down on you. Terrible service, I wish companies would stop using them.

  18. donna

    Apparently missed a delivery on Friday at 8:06 pm which is rubbish as I was home. No card to need seen anywhere only reason I know this is because I tracked my delivery. Said parcel force would attempt another delivery on the next working day which would be today . Took the day off work waited in all day and nothing. I check the tracking again only to see that they apparently tried to redeliver at 9:26 am this morning. I was in…..still no card to be seen. Does this mean I now have to make my way to the depot where my daughter’s dressing table for Christmas is being securely held to collect it????? This is ridiculous, such bad service

  19. Chloe

    Hello, my tracking number says it has been attempted to be delivered several times however I have not recieved a card in my letter box once? Tracking number – EV925610634CN

  20. Arti

    I was waited for a delivery yesterday but nothing happened it’s the second time I have this problem with Parcel force no warnings no delivery but instead they sending a letter to collected from the nearest depo …? This is a disgrace…!

  21. Dawn

    Was supposed to of got my parcel today not arrived

  22. Ahmad Obaid

    My tracking no is EK 047362775SA. My wife is in the hospital and I am with her. No one is at home . I want to schedule a time so I do not miss this box

  23. A Porter

    Text me in the morning to say my parcel was been delivered still no delivery terrible service parcelforce

  24. M Caldwell

    I have found ike everyone else parcel force is incompetent. firstly they cannot find my address and then when I contact them to arrange redelivery on a specific day they do not deliver and say no one passed the information to the depot. Never use them.

  25. Freya Gill

    How do I open a case agents them?
    As only half my parcel was delivered and the other half was unwrapped and damaged, I had to travel to the middle of nowhere by public transport to pick it up with a baby to find it was brocken!
    I booked through parcel monkey and payed for what I thought was insurance

  26. Annalise

    Weres my parcel ot said next day delivery plus its been more than 24 hours now this is false advertisement this your company is shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Debbie

    Why has my parcel been returted to depot i paid for it to be delivered today to pentonville prison so why hasnt it been delivered???

  28. Nicola

    My parcel says it’s been collected by customer what does this mean because I haven’t been to get it ? Was not expecting it for a few days yet ?

  29. Mart

    Parcel not delivered next day as paid for! Is compensation available? As valuable time has been wasted waiting around for delivery!

    1. Mart

      Parcel not delivered next day as paid for! Is compensation available? As valuable time has been wasted waiting around for delivery!

  30. Karen Clarke

    Tracking no not recognised
    T16879375 card not left to say which post office it was left at. Where’s my parcel?

  31. Stephanie Conway

    Advice needed!
    So we are waiting for a modem to be delivered and it’s been attempted to be delivered since July 4th but parcel force has not been leaving a card to tell us that they have tried to deliver it. My partner rang the company that provides the modem and they said it’s getting delivered today but to the wrong number (I’m not sure why as its apparently been coming to my house since they first tried). I don’t have a tracking number or anything for the parcel and if it goes to the wrong address and they aren’t in, we can’t really pick it up from the post office as we won’t have a card and it won’t be the right address. How can we get in touch to inform them that it is the wrong address that they are delivering too?

  32. Nikkie

    I had an ongoing problem with parcelforce delivery.
    I paid for a next day delivery from uk to france and 8 working days later the parcel has not reached destination. This is because staff member has down graded the next day delivery service to a normal worldwide service.
    It was a phone and obviously it happens to be missing. Is this on purpose to steal goods from customer and blame it as a mistake?.
    On good day, when the parcelforce staff member did not hang up the line, i can talk to someone trying finding things out without any outcome.
    I am still waiting for the parcel to arrive after 9 days of giving it to the post office for an express next day delivery.
    Parcelforce is an unreliable setvice and has rude staffs.


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