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The Post Office offers a wide range of tracking services but these services are generally not as good as some of those offered by other couriers.

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  1. Joseph Smith

    This is shocking been waiting on my daughter bday persent and its still not ere royal mail is a JOKE 2 day ive waited for this now NEVER AGAIN WILL I YOUS THEM AGAIN

  2. Mr C Clarke

    They say they left card but never do ,well very rare.Mr C Clarke

  3. Micheline Ruiz

    My parcel with tracking no. RZ 098106365 GB sent NY my cousin last May 24,2017 is still undelivered. My cousin said it will only take 8-9 days. She asked me to trace an track, Which I did. The status is is “It has arrived in Manila. It is being process for delivery. it’s on it’s way” since June 2. I wonder what is tacking it soon long to process. When can I receive it?

  4. Richard hudnott

    My son post a letter 6weeks ago and did not get to. The company ware to was ment to go and my son want to know ware the letter gone

  5. Lynn Taylor

    I sent and paid to have a parcel sent to Calgary,(from Edmonton), to be delivered the next day (today). It arrived early this morning at the post office in Calgary, now it shows customer address error. Now they tell me that the parcel will be delivered 11 days from today at the latest, even though they managed to correct the error. The actual address was correct and the phone number of the person receiving the parcel was on the label! Are they not trained to read the address, or the phone number? Now it will take another 11 days! I should have driven it down to Calgary myself, The item that I was sending, I received in less than 24 hours from Vancouver AND it only cost me $4.00! The time before I also paid extra to have a parcel sent to be delivered the next day, even though it was scanned the next day at 7:49 (no errors), it wa delivered over a week later.

    This is the third time I have had an issue with the post office, it takes longer to send a letter to Calgary from Edmonton than a letter to the UK!!!

    I have never seen such poor service in my life! I will never use Canada PostI

  6. Eve

    Posted letter on 28/2/17 with track number plus had to be signed the other end in Italy went to trace it and says that it arrived at Milan 00.37am cannot understand that 4 days later it is still in Milan what is the matter with this Italian post why can’t they deliver it.
    it is an important letter to do with my late father please could you find a way to contact them and to send to the address we put in envelope the track num RN076412885GB
    It would be lovely to find out what is going on I await your reply
    Many thanks

  7. Anthony Holmes

    I posted a pcl 8-9 Feb going to 396 Crompton way Bolton b1 3af

  8. Carl

    I can’t have access to my care package so please comment me if you reach it

  9. Carl

    I can’t have access to my care package

  10. Shelby

    I sent back a parcel to Canada from the uk 7-8 days ago now and paid £12.45 for recorded delivery. No money has been put back into my bank yet so would like to know where my parcel currently is please.

  11. Mrs C Jose

    Where is my parcel? RU773711694GB

  12. Mrs C Jose

    Im trying to track a parcel. But unable to get any info. Please advise.

  13. Carole Blow

    Sent package on 1/2/17 have tracking number it tells me it is still making way through system please can you info me how long should a small package take.

  14. Molly

    I’ve sent a phone to
    Swaziland. Last year December. I’ve lost the receipt please help me

  15. Craig Paton

    Hi, i am waiting on a parcel, tracking no RS352478151CN, it doesnt seem to have moved, it says it arrived at Heathrow Worldwide DC on the 16/12/16 at 20:55, could you tell me the whats happin with this, thanks

  16. Nicky

    Told the item would be delivered before 1pm on Thursday 13 th. Person has informed me it’s still not arrived?

  17. Fatmata Anifowose

    Am trying to trace my parcel,sent on the 17 of December to Stuttgart Germany. By tracing it shows that the parcel is in Jamaica. Can someone help me?

  18. Linda

    I have sent packet to Poland twice and twice has been stolen .

  19. Stephen Watterston

    KK753769267GB is lost and number not recognised by your system today but wad last night

  20. Nikki Schulze

    Parcel RU825803084GGB sent 31st August so not recived. Now whst?

  21. Bryan James Lorimer

    The parcel has been shipped from New York, and I have to contact a local delivery service. UPS International can take 2-6 weeks.
    9 Bonnington Road,
    ME14 5QR
    United Kingdom (Sales @SunFrogShirts.Com)
    $45.98 Total

  22. Gary Reynolds

    Trying to trace my envelope I sent yesterday recorded delivery first class. KP 9835 9888 4GB. Thanks.

  23. Sofi isak

    I sent parcel to ethiopia still not received yet

    1. Sofi isak still waiting I sent on1/7/16 I will try to check but I couldn’t sign parcel could you let me know

  24. Nancy Munasiah

    I am trying to trace a parcel I sent to Kenya on 6th April and still hasn’t been delivered. Could you kindly let me know where it is. RU611621466GB

  25. Liz McGachey

    Can you advise what address package LZ867681894US was delivered to? I had tried to contact USPS to advise the seller had put the incorrect flat position on the shipping address but had no response.

  26. Irina Ponizova

    I send to Russia international sign in parcel to my son 3/12 . It’s never arrived . So apset because we living appart over 3 years and it should be Xmas prezzie

  27. nina

    I posted a parcel on the 11th Dec never arrived at the address

    1. Anthony Holmes

      Hi posted a parcel on the 8-9 Feb going to 396 Crompton way Bolton b1 3af it was tracked and had to be sighed for can you help

  28. mary clarke

    I have sent a gift to usa C.A from England.
    The post office asked what it was i said a madonna dvd and paid track and sign and have reference
    My friend said it says undeliverable as address?
    What is the status of this. What does it mean.
    Address is correct?

    1. admin Post author

      Are you sure the tracking number is right? PostOffice seems to not recognize it.That means we have no info for you on the status

    2. zuga sorin

      Hey i.m zuga sorin and my adrees is Cross grenn crescent number 3 : LS9 0DD


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