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In a fast-paced world, companies rely on the transport services of TNT to improve the reliability, security and predictability of their logistics. It is crucial for any company that sends and receives products to and from other businesses to remain competitive.

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Company Overview
TNT Delivery- Copyrights TNT

TNT Delivery- Copyrights TNT

TNT is a European market leader in business-to-business transportation services and logistics. In addition to international trade across four continents – Europe, Asia, South America and North America – TNT operates extensive domestic networks in every major European country as well as Australia. TNT has a big presence in the UK and Ireland, with over 70 delivery depots, three sorting centres and three national contact centres, alongside 11,000 employees and a high delivery rate of 100 million items per year. This is added to a strong presence in Europe and North America.

The tagline “sure we can” communicates the company’s positive attitude and willingness to help the customer with whatever unique needs they might have. The 10 Customer Promises go into more detail about TNT’s service philosophy – including the promise to be friendly to customers at all times and to keep things simple – and company principles include honesty and to aim to satisfy the customer every time.

Company History

The history of TNT stretches back to 1946, when Ken Thomas founded the delivery business K.W. Transport in Australia. The name of the company was changed to Thomas Nationwide Transport in 1958, and over the ensuing decades TNT expanded significantly and made fast progress as an on-demand delivery provider for businesses.

The company expanded into the UK in 1978 with the acquisition of Inter County Express, and in the following decade many new services were added to TNT’s UK service portfolio – much in response to the increasing demand for faster and more reliable delivery services – including the instant response service TNT Sameday, guaranteeing same-day door-to-door delivery anywhere in Britain. TNT’s guaranteed delivery services proved to be highly popular, and this led to the launch of various other guaranteed on-demand delivery services. Incidentally, the on-demand, next-day shipping paradigm has become very important and highly popular in every commercial industry.

Throughout the late ’80s and ’90s, TNT diversified a great deal with the launch of many new specialist delivery services for specific companies and market sectors, including the fashion distribution arm TNT Fashion Group, specialist blue-chip delivery arm TNT Logistics UK, and TNT Meditrans, with the modern analogue of which still serving the needs of medical and healthcare distributors in the UK.

Technology has played a large role in improving the reliability and response of transport companies. In 1997 TNT launched Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD), which enabled the company to respond to delivery requests within 30 minutes and give customers extra reassurance that their letters and packages had been successfully delivered. In 2002 a new tracking and tracing system was launched. This system uses data from package barcodes to allow customers to track packages at any point during transit online, via SMS and email.

Alongside the creation of new business divisions and expansion overseas, TNT has made many multi-million pound investments over the last 10-15 years. Many new sortation hubs and depots have been opened and many others have been upgraded. Currently the largest and most expensive depot was opened in Birmingham in 2004 – costing £8.2 million and including 68 loading bays.

A crucial modern goal of the logistics industry is to reduce emissions and environmental impact – and this is one area where TNT has led the way. The company has invested heavily in clean energy technologies and zero-carbon initiatives. Since 2007 the company has invested millions in zero emission vehicles and has updated its sustainability practices, and the company has been recognised for these efforts and initiatives with various awards.

Services to Industry and Commerce

Delivery UK - Copyrights TNT

Delivery UK – Copyrights TNT

TNT’s delivery services and solutions are available around the clock, with a focus on providing the fastest possible services on demand. National Express services to the UK commercial markets include next-day delivery, next-day delivery before 9am, next-day delivery before 10am, and next-day delivery before 12:00 noon, including Saturdays.

With an integrated global network of advanced facilities, TNT’s international services offer the same speed and flexibility as its national services. Guaranteed next-day delivery services (including before 9am, before 10am and before noon) are available to major cities in dozens of countries around the world, and this includes the cheaper economy services. TNT also provides import services for the UK, with express import services available from over 120 countries.

A range of Special Services are also provided to meet unique and demanding situations and requirements, including out-size services and special handling services, transport for precious, high value, sensitive or hazardous goods, and urgent transport to national and international destinations. The Special Services team are available to offer guidance and advice for customers with unique circumstances and special requests.

TNT Re-Delivery is available for customers in cases where there is no one present to receive the shipment. The driver leaves a card at the recipient address, which provides a number of details to input at the TNT website. The shipment is re-delivered once the simple online re-delivery form is completed.

TNT is partnered with many of the largest organisations in every major commercial market, from industry to electronics, healthcare to telecoms. Close relationships are built carefully to ensure practical solutions that are effective and efficient and constitute the best value for money. TNT makes use of the latest technologies to improve efficiency and reliability in the supply chain, and the Business Solutions team includes market specialists and supply chain experts who have designed and enacted optimised supply chain solutions for a range of public and private sector clients. These solutions help businesses to reduce risk, and because bespoke pricing models are used for each client, businesses save money by paying for only what they use.

Shipping Tools for Control and Flexibility

Tracking - Copyrights TNT

Tracking – Copyrights TNT

When it comes to the transport of products, goods and commodities, it is vital for companies to have knowledge and control. Accurate knowledge gives companies the things they need to make better decisions, and control allows companies to respond and adapt in a competitive world.

TNT offers a range of shipping tools to give their customers this much-need knowledge and control. Through the company’s main website, customers can check prices and transit times, arrange for package delivery and collection, manage invoices and track and trace shipments.

For one-off and irregular clients there is TNT Direct. With this online service customers can place a booking without needing to sign up for an account. This makes it easy and hassle-free to place a delivery and the same range of services are provided for non-members as for members.

myTNT is an account service designed for regular customers and larger corporate clients. This service is online-based and is designed from the ground up to maximise the efficiency of a company’s administration and dispatch operations. Users can save common orders, and the software provides access to comprehensive pricing, tracking and timetabling tools. These are all designed to save time, money and effort. Interactive demonstrations of the service are provided to help new customers become accustomed to the system.

TNT’s shipping tools are not confined to the internet – customers can place and track orders from their mobiles and keep up to date with the latest developments via SMS and e-mail. There is also a mobile application available that offers the same functionality and flexibility as the dedicated online service.

Check Parcel Delivery Prices: Non-account holders can check parcel delivery prices online with the Check Parcel Delivery Price Tool. Prices are calculated by inputting the delivery source and destination, date for delivery, item weight and item dimensions. If satisfied with the price, users can continue to place an order.

Tracking a Shipment: TNT’s national/international shipment tracking system can be used to find out whether a shipment has been delivered, who has signed it, and other useful tracking information. Customers can track their consignments by entering the 8-digit consignment number, or the consignment reference.

TNT Support Services

Operational and technical support services are a vital component of any large service-based company, and customer support is something that TNT takes very seriously. Via the online support portal customers can make billing enquiries, update personal information and pay bills, as well as receive technical support on TNT’s account services and tracking services. General enquiries can be made on almost any aspect of TNT and its services, from finding TNT depots to becoming a TNT supplier.

International delivery networks are sensitive to regional and national events – especially events that cause traffic congestion and increased security, or more serious events such as political unrest. To help its customers respond to these external situations and plan accordingly, TNT updates its Service Alerts page on a regular basis. This includes notifying for the closing of international depots for national holidays. Despite TNT’s own operational process, delays and cancellations can occur for reasons outside of the company’s control. This makes it important for larger clients to keep updated with the latest service alerts.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

16 TNT Tracking reviews

  1. Ian Mear

    I can not understand how my delivery got to maidstone on it’s way to Tonbribge and now is in Northampton ? I now have lost a day’s work, as these are bearings for my wood sanding machine. I think a phone call or at least an oploge would not have been hard. I was a courier for 15 year’s so I know what it’s like, but that does not repay my lost earnings !
    I will not be using T.N.T again.

    1. Nirad

      TNT services is not up to mark , or professional , one of my ship required spares on urgent basis , still parcel stuck in transit .
      i don’t understand what is the solution now.
      i will not use TNT services in future , same word i will spread in my business circle .

  2. Julie clarke

    Had a package picked up Monday, next day delivery by 12. It’s Thursday and still not delivered. It’s my first order from Harrods, London. Tnt have let me down badly. I’ve got to get in touch again. This is my third time.

  3. Yongwei

    Dear Customer Service team,

    Customer order no: 798536

    What a poor service I have received from your delivery team!!

    Goods that I have ordered never delivered to my address & I have waited 2 days for nothing.

    Your customer service claimed that you came yesterday and today. But I HAVE NOT heard the door bell or knocking. Not even a card to prove that the delivery driver has came. Rubish service!! Big disappointment.

  4. Genene Riddle

    I can never seem track a parcel with Tnt. Also they do not leave a calling card if they have tried deliver and give you no idea when they will deliver. Not a great service compared to others…

  5. Shylene

    My order number is 872547570. It says the driver attempted to deliver at my place both times I was at home and I’ve needed this package desperately before I travel tomorrow. I’m not sure if your drivers bother to even knock at the door before leaving this slip which doesn’t even state the name of the person you’re delivering it to. I’m so disappointed and with be opening further inquiries.

  6. Roberta pioggia

    The track reference number is still saying the pack is in Preston. I call the tnt and they say they was bring me the box but they didn’t come

  7. carlos leal

    Im expecting one parcel whith this number 846965290.. and till now is nothing some one can helpme. Please thanks.

  8. carlos leal

    Im expecting to delevery from portugal whith this ref number 846965290. And till now is nothing someone can helpme please

  9. Abdur

    I found a disgusting parcel delivery company. My parcel has got shipment from uk on 9th December and suppose to delivered it on 15 th December but not delivered no respond. It is 64 kg sample light for business purposes. We may loose ur work order due to delay, being ready to go to solicitor. Be careful every user. Track no 529320400. Abdur

  10. Temilola Bada

    I am expecting a parcel from China, the tracking number is showing delivery to Copenhagen and then the rest of the tracking info is in a different language!!!!??? How is that possible??

  11. Nicholas Wickham

    How can you lose a 1400mmx700mm shower tray.

  12. Nicholas Wickham

    I was meant to have a parcel delivered today 28th September. Apparently it is lost. No call back and i have been waiting since last week for it. Where is it as it cost me alot of money. I will be seeking cimphensation

  13. Donna

    My recent purchase off eBay shows TNT as the courier with a tracking number of 23327671. This parcel was marked as despatched on Friday yet I am unable to track this number. Please advise what is happening asap as I will be opening a dispute soon if parcel is not delivered.

    1. Nicholas Wickham

      I am having the same problem. I will open a case with my solicitor if it’s not in my house by Friday as I am going away Saturday way Oct 2016. I have waited in too many days and have had to pay plumber waiting time of 240 pound and will be claiming this back from TNT. NOTHING EXPLOSIVE ABOUT THIER DELIVERY.

  14. Graham Mills

    Enquiring on consignment number 261092536 Order from B&Q as I had recieved a text message saying it was being delivered Thursday 7th April at 9am, I’ve now been awaiting delivery since then?


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