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UK Mail is a privately owned parcel delivery company based in the UK. It traces its origins to the 1970s, but took its current name in 2006 when its name was changed from Business Post. Since then, UK Mail has become a major player in business and personal deliveries across the UK.

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The firm operates over 2300 vehicles, with 50 sites. It aims to deliver a bespoke delivery service to professional clients, with a focus on delivering to specific time schedules and ensuring secure delivery.

Mail tracking services offered by UK Mail

Mail tracking is a key part of UK Mail’s corporate services. The firm is able to operate across the country, connecting up to Royal Mail’s postal services for the last section of the journey.

When you post or receive a parcel with UK Mail, the firm offers a full web-based parcel tracking service. At one end, customers can see whether their parcel has been collected from the sender and entered the UK Mail postal system. The system will show whether your package is at one of the company’s depots, or whether it is ‘out for delivery’. In that case, customers should expect it to be delivered the same day.

When deliveries are incomplete, UK Mail specifies this on the web tracking application. On the delivery management section of their website, customers can easily arrange for a new delivery time that is convenient for them.

UK Mail tracking customers can also use their mobile phones to reschedule a delivery via SMS. The firm’s drivers will also send them a text message to inform them that their delivery is imminent, giving them time to prepare.

To track your parcels with UK Mail, all that you need to do is enter your Consignment Number and your Customer Reference Number, which should both be provided to you when you place your order. The tracking system works throughout the day, although a separate Evening Deliveries Tracker is required between 6pm and 10pm.

For those without a Consignment Number, UK Mail provides a contact form on their website. Customers can access the full range of tracking services by entering their details, including their full name and delivery address.

At times, customers will be required to collect their parcels and letters from the UK Mail depot. In this case, they are asked to provide their Consignment Number and Delivery Card as well as photographic proof of identity. If they are collecting for someone else, a signed letter of authority is also required, as well as evidence of the address of the recipient,

UK Mail do not currently provide a smartphone app for use with their online tracking services. However, customers can download third party apps which cover the UK’s major parcel and letter delivery companies. This can link into the web-based tracker, providing full functionality.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

81 UK Mail Tracking reviews

  1. Dave

    Absolutely rubbish you might aswell send it there bye snail it would get there quicker. the service is terrible and I for one will never use this company ever again. A absolute joke. 48 hours services I’m still waiting 8 days later ??? Tracking number has said it’s been on the van for 2 days ?? And when I called the terrible customer service number what a shambles that is you can’t talk to anyone there?? It says my item is still in the depo but tracking g number online says it’s on the van 2 days ago. No attempt delivery here.. it’s the worst parcel company iv come across.. STAY CLER THIS LOT IF YOU NEED A PARCEL DELIVERY DON’T USE THESE IT WILL END UP BRING TERRIBLE SERVICE

  2. Abdul Edros

    Really unsatisfied with the delivery service. Received a notification that my parcel will be here today between 12:39 and 13:39 today. Soon after the time had passed i received a further notification that the parcel will be with me shortly. Its now 4:30pm and i am still waiting. I took time off work to make sure someone is home to receive the parcel. Not impressed at all.

  3. R Tarrow

    Absolute rubbish service, My item was marked as delayed 7 days ago with no explanation, No word on delivery since this was a birthday present and birthday was 3 days ago, I dont know where my parcel is or if it will ever be delivered.

  4. Caroline Patterson

    Purchased an item on 16th Oct which should have been delivered by end of Oct. This was then changed to 7th Nov, it is now the 22nd Nov and still no item. Tracking service on this site does not work, it never loads. According to the suppliers site my item has been sitting in UK Mail delivery depot for the last 11 days and no attempt has ever been made to deliver it. I would like someone from UK Mail to explain this to me and tell me when it is likely to make it onto a delivery van. Tracking number is 41243390000361. A response more rapid than your delivery system would be nice. Thank you,

  5. jj

    I’m very disappointed I pre- ordered an item on Sept 30th and recieved an email confirmation stating my item would be delivered on the 7th oct. Well today is the 7th and still no item I recieved a text stating my item had been dispatched and was given a tracking number, every time I have tried to track my deliver the uk mail system just say’s loading…literally 15mins later nothing. I have tried to call the customer service number but this is no help whats so ever as you don’t get to speak to anyone just an altemated system. Uk mail is literally the worst courier service I have ever come across, I certainly wont ordering anything from and company that uses them.

  6. Rita fogarty

    I’m trying to trace a parcel but nothing comes up on the site when I put the tracking number I’ve been given. Is there an email address or phone no for uk mail?

  7. Matthew F stokes

    Could you advise where my item is please

  8. H Blankley

    Online tracker is absolutely useless and just shows as loading, gave up after five minutes of waiting

  9. edlyn

    7388601436853393 in behalf of my friend send her parcel from a sender in ukmail it is possible to track that parcel to another tracking company which we have here in the country please I need response thank you

  10. edlyn

    Hello I just want to ask if the parcel sent from UK mail can the receiver track to DHL?

  11. edlyn

    I just want to ask if the parcel from UK mail can the receiver take that parcel to DHL?

  12. Wayne capes

    Can you tell me where my parcel is please 40989680012021 i got a text saying between 10.30 and 11.30 i work nights so was in bed but if it came no card has been thats wrong its not right people wait on these things and most of them are important it would be nice to at least get a card to say where the item is i really need my item its for my transport for work and can not use it until i get my item.

  13. Stacey jenvey

    Can you please tell me when 41079010056713 is going to be delivered please

  14. Natalie

    Oh my gosh experience delivery from .these tomorrow hopefully I get it

  15. Elspeth Breckenridge

    I ordered goods from Gumbiesof Dorset last Monday. I never received this order and on sending them an email, they replied that parcel was delivered last Wednesday at 12.13pm and signed for by Brekinbridge. My surname is Breckenridge. Can you find out from your courier where he delivered it to because I did not sign it!

  16. Anita Stokes

    Have received text message saying parcel 31237090088768 has been left safe in my porch HAVE NOT GOT A PORCH where is parcel

  17. Brian

    Came home from my college early at 1pm . Because I had an estimated time of 14.10 to 15.10 . I got a second text saying the delivery man had one more delivery and I was next but no one appeared. No card through the door . Plus the tracking service has not been working all day . What’s happening with my parcel ????

  18. Mercedes

    I would like to know where my delivery is I’ve waited in for two days because it said next day delivery yesterday and today get a text to say it will be here between 1.35-2.35 it’s now 6.23 an it’s a no show! The tracker won’t work, is usually not be too fussed but what’s getting delivered is boxes that I need to pack as I move Sunday!! This is my code 41065860025762

  19. Angelika Rabia

    The worst delivery company in the uk. I have parcel waiting for the delivery more than 1 month and now they are saying they left parcel to non existing house number. Appalling , not trust worthy company. Requested refund from the sender.

  20. Mp

    I was waiting for them as they said they were deliver today . But hasn’t turned up . I didn’t go to work . After they send me text the delevary will come around 15.45-16.45pm . I was looking at door . They didn’t came …
    Very poor services. Disappointed!!

  21. June

    Had to phone Ukmail for tracking enquiry as online tracking was a no go.
    I have got say that the phone enquiry was absolutely marvellous, gave me time of delivery.
    My parcel was on time exactly to the hour. Was very impressed.


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