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UK Mail is a privately owned parcel delivery company based in the UK. It traces its origins to the 1970s, but took its current name in 2006 when its name was changed from Business Post. Since then, UK Mail has become a major player in business and personal deliveries across the UK.

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The firm operates over 2300 vehicles, with 50 sites. It aims to deliver a bespoke delivery service to professional clients, with a focus on delivering to specific time schedules and ensuring secure delivery.

Mail tracking services offered by UK Mail

Mail tracking is a key part of UK Mail’s corporate services. The firm is able to operate across the country, connecting up to Royal Mail’s postal services for the last section of the journey.

When you post or receive a parcel with UK Mail, the firm offers a full web-based parcel tracking service. At one end, customers can see whether their parcel has been collected from the sender and entered the UK Mail postal system. The system will show whether your package is at one of the company’s depots, or whether it is ‘out for delivery’. In that case, customers should expect it to be delivered the same day.

When deliveries are incomplete, UK Mail specifies this on the web tracking application. On the delivery management section of their website, customers can easily arrange for a new delivery time that is convenient for them.

UK Mail tracking customers can also use their mobile phones to reschedule a delivery via SMS. The firm’s drivers will also send them a text message to inform them that their delivery is imminent, giving them time to prepare.

To track your parcels with UK Mail, all that you need to do is enter your Consignment Number and your Customer Reference Number, which should both be provided to you when you place your order. The tracking system works throughout the day, although a separate Evening Deliveries Tracker is required between 6pm and 10pm.

For those without a Consignment Number, UK Mail provides a contact form on their website. Customers can access the full range of tracking services by entering their details, including their full name and delivery address.

At times, customers will be required to collect their parcels and letters from the UK Mail depot. In this case, they are asked to provide their Consignment Number and Delivery Card as well as photographic proof of identity. If they are collecting for someone else, a signed letter of authority is also required, as well as evidence of the address of the recipient,

UK Mail do not currently provide a smartphone app for use with their online tracking services. However, customers can download third party apps which cover the UK’s major parcel and letter delivery companies. This can link into the web-based tracker, providing full functionality.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

81 UK Mail Tracking reviews

  1. D Garrett

    Expected delivery on 19.08.2016, given delivery time between 11.13 and 12.13 not arrived, no contact from UK Mail as to reason of failure . Phone contact unresponsive? When do you expect to deliver as I have obligations of my own to deal with?

  2. Rabia

    Hi. I am trying to track down a parcel .. 40768630067187. Its been 2 weeks and I have still not received it. Please can you tell me how long this will take. I urgently require this.

  3. S Taylor

    4 times card shoved through door even though someone been home to receive
    I’ve gone online again and again
    Poor service and still no delivery

  4. Agnes Frederick

    This service is appalling i i would recommend UKMail. They said they delivered my goods which is a lie as I’ve been home all day and no delivery was made or attempted as they say. So disappointed as i had to take a day off to stay at home.

  5. Agnes Frederick

    I’m so disappointed with the delivery. They sent a message through my phone with the card no of 41182490000158. No delivery was attempted since I’ve been home all day and no card was left through the door either. I think this is appalling. I spoke to someone at 11.57. And at 15.45 telling them i was still waiting for my goods. The message comes on my phone at 15.42 with the card no that delivery was attempted and no one was home. I’m not happy with this at all. If someone could contact me and explain to me what happened. My no is 07863137465. Thanks.

  6. Sarah thomad

    I recieved a text message saying that my parcel was to be delivered today between 10.35-11.35am. This never happened please can you tell me
    Where and when my parcel will be delievered as I need it by Friday this week.


    1. Sarah thomas

      I have just spoke to a lovely lady on customer service phone line most helpful.

  7. grandad

    Tracking my delivery

    1. grandad

      I was up and ready waiting on the driver he never gave me ten seconds tovanswer the door, i need my phone todayas i have no phone and expect a call from hospital in this evening could u get himbto come bak tonite . Thanks

  8. David bell

    Disgraceful and unrespectful staff

  9. David bell

    Could you please advise how your drivers think that putting parcels in a refuse bin full of dog mess is a acceptable place for parcels to go

  10. Louise

    The service is a complete joke such a hassle, nightmare to deal with I have told them to leave in a safe place every time they total ignore my instructions. Really wish I knew they were the delivery service before I purchased because I would have arranged for another service.

  11. Unhappy Customer

    What delivery service cannot find a simple address and then say “Our driver is meeting with an unexpected delay. Your Delivery will be with you soon.”? Then has “system issues” so they cannot take your call. Not enough customer services representatives to pick up your call in 15 mins. It has been 3 hours without getting the call back I will probably never get. UKMail should just go bankrupt and never exist ever again, since clearly they’re so poorly managed.

  12. Alex

    Slip posted through door despite clear instructions on door.

    No damn details filled on slip!!

    How am i suppose to contact you with a tracking number. It was urgent for this weekend aswell

    Not happy!!!!!

  13. Chantelle

    This is ridiculous, I ordered some items and was expecting it ages ago! I got in touch with ukmail & they said my items will be sent out for delivery again on the 19th and I still HAVE NOT recieved my items!! I need these items urgently, where are they??

  14. Kevin

    Can you please confirm date and time of delivery of my parcel. The tracking number is detailed as follows:
    I have entered this number onto your site and it states that my parcel has been delayed!

  15. Christian Hooper

    Finished work early to take delivery of part of my son’s birthday present. After receiving the text with a timescale delivery slot between 14.51 and 15.51 I get home at 14.05 and I have a missed delivery card through my door stating 14.00. What a complete joke of a company DO NOT STATE ESTIMATED TIME SLOTS IF YOU CANNOT KEEP TO THEM. Stop trying to be UPS because you never will be with your poor service this is my 2nd dealing with your poor company. Next time I will ask the seller(s) to make sure they do not use your company for delivery

  16. Matt

    How is anyone supposed to collect a parcel from a depot that doesn’t give opening times. No wonder people are using private courier service. Rubbish service

  17. Joanna

    One of the guys left my parcel somewhere and sined by me when I was at work … And parcel get lost … Do not happy . Will take a legal action .

  18. Joanne Latham

    Hazadous Driving:
    Reg: BP63CNF
    M60: 28th April 2016, approx 9pm.
    Weaving in and out of lanes.
    Exceeding 50mph speed limit.
    Pressuring other divers by driving close behind despite driver in front adhering to 50mph limit.

  19. Frank

    My tracking says wrong address provided and the consignment number given will not allow my through the phone lines. What do I do?

  20. Gemma elliott or todd

    I had a txt to say my delivery was getting sent out but I haven received it but I looked it up it says it’s been delivered but I don’t have it its not with the concierge so could you please tell me where it is thanks

  21. Cathy

    This company is a DISGRACE & LIE! Having sat at home waiting for a delivery, I was sent a text to say a delivery was attempted , which is a lie as I was at home sat waiting. There is no phone number to speak with anyone.

  22. Karla Jones

    Can you please tell when 0455000468556 is going to be delivered thanks

  23. Farzana Chowdhury

    I canceled an order and got it sent back 2 weeks ago I don’t know whether it’s been sent back to where it came from but I need a refund of this item as it’s not cheap

  24. Naheda

    Uk mail are a joke I have been waiting for three days for my delivery to come it was supposed to come on Tuesday but it never came wasted my whole day and. It still hasn’t come t

  25. Aaron

    Just uselessness

    Ur drivers don’t want to collect so the sneek up to the door and push a sorry we missed u card through the letter box this has happened twice

    We have been in all day and right by the front door the mans a ninger

  26. donna

    Apologies, my comment above should have read that i waited till 19.50 yesterday, not 18.50.

  27. donna

    Dreadful service. After informing ukmail the property was empty and i would have to make a special 90 min journey there, delivery slot was 18.14-19.14 yesterday. I had no call or text to say there was a problem. By 18.50 i gave up! What a waste of my time! Their phone line is not working, and now i get a text saying delivery will happen today! Avoid this sham of a company like the plague!!

  28. Tez Anderson

    I have received 7 texts within the last 45 mins saying my parcel is being delivered ….. I’ve tracked the parcel number and it’s not recognised ….. im NOT happy

  29. Kelly Isaacs

    Awful company have been waiting for a pace which was meant to be delivered that this Thursday 24th March still after being told 3 times now someone would get back to me about it no on has !!!!

  30. alex lack

    My experience of UK MAIL has been appalling. They have NOT DELIVERED when they said they were going to. The call centre was UNABLE to give me a reason for the NON DELIVERY. The first person I spoke to at the call centre Lucy “Agent 11” was LESS than helpful.Her manager Melissa James REFUSED to speak to me according to Lucy “Agent 11”. So my experience of UK MAIL is that they tell lies and their customer service is NON Existent. IN SHORT I WOULD NOT USE UK MAIL EVER AGAIN

  31. alex lack

    My experience of UK MAIL has been appalling. They have NOT DELIVERED when they said that they we

  32. Steve

    Never have I come across a delivery company like this carn’t find a house number waited in for 4 days and still not here shower of shit

  33. David Rock

    Received a txt saying parcel will be delivered yesterday. Refused a job to stay in and wait for it. Didn’t arrive. Opted to go an pick it up in the morning. Refused another job. Drove all the way there and the parcel wasn’t even there. Was told it was in Milton Keynes. Shocking customer service. Lost out on £400 and still don’t have my package. Tried calling several times and can’t seem to speak to anyone. Phoneline just says “thankyou for calling uk mail” and then hangs up. Not the 1st time I have had this problem. infact it’s everytime I have a delivery from this company it’s a nightmare. I have been reading reviews of other customers and everyone is saying the same thing. You would think as “the largest independent delivery company” alarm bells might start ringing about how awful every aspect of this company is. Sort it out!

  34. Sarah wilson

    Can you tell me where my parcel is tracking no 2725840

  35. Stacey Renicks

    Absolute shambles of a delivery company I have been without a Hoover with two small children for a week and when I have spoke to someone I have had promise after promise this deliver company should be ashamed !!! Not a happy customer at all

  36. s james

    Got an email at 8:13 in the morning to say my parcel would be collected between 18:19 – 19:19, after popping out I found a card saying they’d tried to collect at 13:42. The reference on the card is unrecognised, at 15:25 the next day I’ve had no further contact. Really poor and best avoided.

    1. s james

      At 16:55 I received a text telling me at 18:31 today we tried to collect your parcel but we’re unable to do so. My original post on this site was deleted, it was not rude or offensive. Avoid using this company

  37. Zoe bowden

    Just wanted to say what a lovely, helpful and friendly deliver guy. He went out of his way to be nice and helpful, a credit to your service. Thank you from a busy a working mum ?

  38. Chris

    Hi can someone tell me if this UK mail tracking number is real 31021420110839 thanks


    Not happy waited in 2 days in a row due to them posting a card though my door to say they would try delivering again tomorrow when I was sitting in my living room both days now I don’t known if the will try again or give the items back to the company ?????

  40. Jake

    I have just had one of your sorry we missed you cards through the door but has nothing written on it not sure what it’s for or what I am to do

  41. Sharon Saunders

    Terrible service

  42. Sharon Saunders

    Can someone please tell me where my parcel is.i was supposed to get a time for delivery this morning and havnt received any notification and it went to the wrong address yesterday so I’m not happy with this service st the moment.The consignment number is.31204590022843.

  43. Jodie

    U.K. Mail have been attempting to deliver my parcel since Friday. Due to circumstances that couldn’t be helped as I was in hospital and no one at home to get it I need to try and change delivery address or speak to someone to arrange a time and day that I definitely will be at home but when I ring the number it always cuts me off and I can’t find any other way to get in contact? Just glad it’s not a parcel I’m in desperate need of but it would still be nice to be able to get the parcel ASAP. If anyone could help would be great 🙂

  44. vicki

    I am appalled with this company it has been a joke. I received a email from the company I ordered from on Friday saying that it would be delivered that day it is now 10 past 8 on Monday and still no sign of my delivery. I called to find out what’s going on to the be answered by someone who clearly did not want to do his job because it was close to closing time. He put me on hold and hung up my call knowing by the time I could get back threw the lines would be closed. I would advise anyone NOT to use this company. Bloody joke.

  45. John

    Card ref 2891862 why keep trying to deliver at lunchtime on a weekday when I’m at work and offer no means for me to change time of delivery so I have to take a day off work to sit in and wait for a parcel? I won’t buy anything from a supplier that delivers via UK mail in future. Extremely poor customer services

    1. Track-a-parcel team Post author

      Just because the postman of UK Mail didn’t know what lunchtime you have. He is working as fast as he can, even in your lunchtime. Sorry about the inconvenience, hopefully you will get the package soon.

      1. John

        What a ridiculous answer! It’s nothing to do with ‘my lunchtime’ I don’t stop for lunch either thanks for the sarcastic tone. the point is that I AM OUT AT WORK ALL DAY SO CANNOT TAKE THE PARCEL DURING OFF ICE HOURS. It is also nothing against the driver who is a worker just like me, my complaint t is against THE COMPANY.
        If this type of insulting and badly written and ill judged rubbish is UKMAILs attempt at customer service then you are wasting your time. Appalling response to add to your appalling service. Incredible.

        1. Manfa

          Shocking response uk mail

  46. Louise Howard


    1. admin Post author

      It’s very sad that your parcel is getting lost. UK Mail delivers millions of packages and sometimes the driver/supplier had some problems. Could you please contact the UK Mail support here:

  47. Emma

    Please can someone help with delivery number 31092961242065. I’ve tried to call but keep getting cut off, I need to rearrange delivery as it’s our wifi router and keen to get it asap. We were told you attempted delivery on the 11th, but we didn’t get a ‘missed you’ card and need to rearrange for a time when we’ll be in. Can you please email me to let me know how to do this, or give me a number to call where I can speak to someone? Thanks, Emma.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Emma, thanks for your reply. Your parcel 31092961242065 is Delivery Attempted. For more support and a recall, please contact the support team of UK Mail:

  48. Jordan paver

    Trying to track my delivery from 10am yesterday morning I need to get this delivery from somewhere now no phone number it’s a joke!

  49. Karl

    Yesterday I was in when they posted a card threw the door saying we will try again tomorrow. So I dident here then knock but heard the card hit the floor ??? And today I have had a txt from you sayin between 10 50 and 11 50 am. I have been sat on my chair near the window and thort ode look on the tracker. It says on the tracker they have attempted the delivery ant 11 05am WHAT. I’ve been sat here from way befor them. Very poor service.

    1. Mark

      Not as poor as your spelling. Back to school.

  50. Ajay Sharma

    I find it very frustrating that I’ve had 3 deliveries by UKMail and all have been delivered after 8pm and left with a neighbour. What’s more frustrating is they don’t even inform what the items that are being delivered and no contact on mobile to let you know delivery is coming. Very poor service.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello, we’re sorry about the troubles you had with the UK Mail delivery. Sometimes UK Mail send the information about the delivered items on the following day.


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