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UPS provides its customers with a large number of ways to track their parcels and other shipments. UPS uses special tracking numbers in order to identify and trace each and every shipment while it moves through the UPS system on the way to its final destination.

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UPS Tracking Procedure

Pickup  - Copyrights UPS

Pickup – Copyrights UPS

UPS customers are automatically assigned a tracking number when they create their shipment. This tracking number can be used by both the shipper and the recipient to determine the current status of the shipment, verify delivery of the shipment and access delivery change options. A shipment reference can also be assigned, which will help the customer to track their shipment easily and quickly. This unique reference code may contain as many as 35 characters in a combination of number and letters. It can be used to allow customers to coordinate with the filing systems or billing, reference either the customer’s job number, Purchase Order number or Bill of Landing number and make it easy to recognise the shipment by its description. This feature can be used by visiting the UPS website and selecting the Track by Reference function, which can be found on the Tracking page. Customers then need to indicate whether their shipment type is freight or package, select their shipment date range and type in their reference code in the special Shipment Reference field. The process will then be completed once the Track button has been selected.

If a delivery has been unsuccessfully attempted by a UPS driver, a UPS InfoNotice will be left that contains a special UPS InfoNotice number. This number can be found just above the bar code on the bottom of the UPS InfoNotice. This number can be used to track the shipment, to change the delivery options or to verify delivery of the shipment. Simply visit UPS’s website, enter the unique 12 digit UPS InfoNotice number in either the InfoNotice Numbers or Tracking field and follow the detailed instructs that appear.

UPS customers also have the option to track as many as 25 shipments when they email UPS they UPS tracking numbers. They will then receive a detailed tracking response. Other special tracking options that are provided by UPS include UPS Express Critical Shipment Tracking, tracking with a mobile device and UPS Enhanced Tracking.

UPS is a leading international messenger company that was founded in the USA in 1907. The company’s motto is best service and lowest rates, which holds true to this day.

UPS in Progress

Cargo - Copyrights UPS

Cargo – Copyrights UPS

Over the last century UPS has grown to be one of the world’s most recognisable and admired brands. Today, UPS is the world’s biggest package delivery company and operates in more than two hundred countries. UPS uses advanced technology as well as access to resources combined with a fully integrated network of human, physical and technological assets to deliver parcels and other types of items to millions of destinations around the world.

The company’s modest beginnings began in 1907 when James E. Casey borrowed $100 from a friend to establish the American Messenger Company in the city of Seattle. In those days clients used the company to deliver packages, notes, trays of food from restaurants and baggage all over Seattle. The company began focusing on package delivery for retail shops and soon began using motorcycles to improve the speed of delivery. The company changed its name to UPS in 1919 and acquired a second company in Los Angeles to meet growing demands.

UPS introduced the first ever conveyor belt to handle packages in 1924 and by the 1930s had extended to a large number of destinations scattered all over the East Coast of the USA. The company was quick to utilise the USA’s increasing air services and in 1977 UPS was delivering packages to customers in every state throughout the USA. In the 1980s the company purchased its first aircraft and started delivering parcels to destinations outside of the USA.

UPS took advantage of the developing technology in the 1990s to provide electronic tracking of parcels and after the launch of the company’s website in 1994 UPA was also able to offer online tracking and ordering. UPS became a publicly traded company back in 1999 and has acquired more than forty companies that have helped it to extend its scope. These companies include industry leaders in air freight and trucking, business services and retail shipping, customs brokerage and international trade services. This has helped UPS to provide a first rate service and help the company to remain true to its original motto of best service and lowest rates.

UPS Pricings 2014

UPS rates include customs clearance as well as pickup and delivery. Pricings are calculated by the country the parcel will sent to as well as the weight. The basic prising for 151-999 pounds for countries such as the UK, Germany, France and a large number of other countries in Europe is $4.89, while this rate rises to $9.58 for South America. A slightly reduced rate is available per pound for parcels weighing a thousand pounds or more. The pricing will also depend on the service that is selected and among the different delivery services that are available are UPS Ground, UPS Next Day Air Early A.M, UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Saver, UPS Second Day Air A.M, UPS Second Day Air and UPS Three Day Select.

Benefits of using UPS

UPS offers its customers guaranteed door-to-door delivery for all shipments that are larger than 150 pounds. These shipments will be received at addresses located in most of the major metropolitan areas around the world by end of day in one to three business days, depending on the desired destination. UPS’s first rate tracking system means that customers can keep track of their parcel every step of the way.

Not only does UPS provide a rapid a professional service, their online order form makes it each for customers to make use of their service from virtually anywhere in the world. UPS is also famous for its excellent customer service and customers can be sure that they will receive a fast response to all their questions and queries. Other important benefits of using UPS include free package collection for certain services, a wide variety of delivery options available for overnight service, a comprehensive website that comes complete with an innovative electronic billing service and a whole host of international shipping services for customers to take advantage of.

UPS Safety Record

Pickup - Copyrights UPS

Pickup – Copyrights UPS

UPS has an excellent safety record, which is largely ensured through the company’s dedication to training. In fact, UPS invests millions of dollars in its more than ninety different formal safety training courses, which are taught worldwide. UPS employees are provided with comprehensive safety training to provide them with the knowledge, methods and tools they need in order to work safely. UPS’s engineers are constantly implementing individual design improvements to the company’s vehicles, buildings and equipment.

UPS drivers are specially trained to be safe while on the road, no matter what obstacles and challenges they may face. UPS tractor-trailer drivers are provided with receive 80 hours of both classroom and on-the-road training before they operating equipment. The company’s delivery drivers undertake a demanding six-day training programme, which includes 20 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel training as well as regular training rides throughout their evaluation period. In addition, UPS drivers around the world receive safety training rides annually and follow-up training in the event that an avoidable accident occurs.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

126 UPS Tracking reviews

  1. Arise Abiola


    I am yet to get this item sent through your company,by tracking the shows delivery item was made twice of which I have been available in my location on this two item,please can you provide me with the location full address on this item ,to know if there is any error in the address.

    Thank you for your prompt and immediate response to resolve this lingering issue.

  2. Daniel Yongo

    HI, you’re tracking service states that my package has been delivered, I have been at home all day and have certainly not received anything, please can someone get in to update on the situation please?

  3. Lisa miller

    Is saying delivered but I haven’t received it. What is going on. ?????

  4. S knight

    Tracking: 1ZA9734A6851635727

    Parcel was left on doorstep in open view of road since 9.22am and only realised now and it’s 2.15pm, no one has signed for it and no door was knocked as dogs would have gone mad. checked tracking and said signed for at 9.22am. The parcel has over £100 worth of jewellery in it and it has been raining and very windy all morning, luckily contence had not been stolen or damaged due to wet conditions. ridiculous. Please look in to this

  5. Stacey Adam

    You are saying delivery by end of day. What does that mean? It would be nice to get at least am/pm.

  6. Anna

    Hello. Why pack of four days did not change the status. This is a joke !!!

  7. Gregg norrid

    Waiting Rory parcel.10 days site never updated for tracking since 30 November please chase up

  8. Fleur

    Tracking number
    i am still waiting for my item which is taking a while. I would like to know when will I receive my parcel please. Thank you
    This meant to take 3 days and it is almost a week what is happening with my parcel and there is no tracking information.

  9. Fleur

    Tracking number
    i am still waiting for my item which is taking a while. I would like to know when will I receive my parcel please. Thank you

  10. James

    the parcel that you have dropped off for me I can’t find it anywhere in the location that you have said you have dropped it off at. I’m not impressed.

  11. Gill Castle

    1ZA38F986890431049 was sent an email to say I will get delivery today only to find when tracking it’s stuck at Tamworth held for delivery on another day as yet no date rescheduled. What is happening?????

  12. Jo

    No tracking info showing 12F2A4229175465942.

    All I got was a piece of paper with this number on!? How else can I find out about the status of my return.

  13. Olesia Valasevich

    I did not received my parcel,tracking number shows yesterday at 5.35pm,tracking number is 1zww99327991558989

  14. Shaunnie Smith

    Hi there I have looked online at my delivery status and it says my parcel has been left near the front door but it has not… Someone has been home all day so I do not understand why it would have not been delivered

  15. James

    I was told I would have my package yesterday and no sign status is being rescheduled but I need to know when as it is a very expensive item that I am expecting please I need a delivery date

  16. Kerry Smith

    We’re is my parcel spent all day waiting , took the day off not happy at all

  17. Ben Barkley

    I am waiting to receive a parcel from the US, eBay stars the ups parcel has arrived in London 4 days ago. If I live less than an hour from London, how can it take 4 days to process a parcel ?

  18. Chris

    I am waiting for a delivery now 28 days what a joke we’res my parcel lc958555516US

  19. Esther

    My tracking number is not correct

  20. Mr Samuel Chi Fung Wong

    Please advise us what time the parcel can come today. The tracking record just said 14.9. 4.40 out for delivery.
    As we wait for yesterday until now. They have collected
    The parcel at 12 from Stratford on Avon and what time they can arrive today to Middlesex, London?

  21. Christopher Matthews

    Two things:

    1. UPS’s tracking system is both frustratingly and disappointingly poor. Aside from confirmation that a package is ‘out for delivery’, it provides no information of value. Perhaps check your competitors who offer (a) a smaller delivery (two hours rather than 11 hours!); and (b) a graphic showing how many deliveries are on the driver’s route, which delivery location the driver currently is, and what number one’s own location is (updating on page refresh).

    2. Don’t put the comment field at the very bottom of the comments page, where one has to scroll ages to find it.

    In short: reassurance, confidence, and clarity: all missing from the UPS tracking customer experience.

  22. Anna

    Where is my parcel?! This is the 2nd day that I have missed the driver, while I was on a school run. This is redicilous why can’t you send the customer and sms with a time frame or have an online tracking platform so customers are aware where the driver is or how long they will have to wait for their parcel. Who has the time to wait all day at home for a deliver. Absolutely rubish !

  23. Danny

    Hi you’re driver has again lied I been in all day had nothing I looked downstairs and again nothing.

    1ZW7989A6890699180 I need my parcel now.

  24. David Johnson

    Your d delivery person is a liar. I have been in all day waiting. My buzzer hasn’t went, my door hasn’t knocked, there is nothing outside my door and there is no card?!

  25. Mark Wilson

    As soon as I saw a package I was waiting for was being delivered by UPS I knew it wouldn’t arrive and you have lived up to expectations. Your online system has been saying its out for delivery all day, I’ve been here and it’s now 11.30 at night., no parcel and no delivery card. I guess it won’t be coming today then and I’m now away for 4 days and needed the contents of this parcel.
    Why do people use you when there are so many other reliable delivery services to choose from.

  26. Lee crossey

    Hi my package arrived in East Midlands on friday 2nd September it is now Sunday and has not moved and not out for delivery as of 10.40am yet moved swiftly before reaching uk . is there a problem with my delivery ? Delivery tracking number is 1Z4AX5856794680591 . Thank you

  27. Ehsan Tahir

    I didn’t get my delivery and I didn’t recieve any note for attempt… Could you tell me that when my delivery will redeliver to me

  28. Shona McWilliam

    When can I expect my parcel it’s supposed to be 24 hour delivery!
    1ZY676906850402412 is tracking no.

  29. Ciaran Brown

    Was meant to get delivery today waited all day tracking my parcel should of been delivered by end of day and what do you no got to 8 pm after ringing customer service twice and being told 100% will be with me today has changed delivery date to tomorrow just not good enough ups absolute joke the service told would be delivered by 8.30 pm driver could be late but no instead they just decided not to deliver and change date was banking on this delivery and been let down big time by UPS

  30. Dave perry

    1ZV3Y5226898822375 this is being shown as delivered. I assure you it has not been delivered to me. Where is it? Who has it? Any help please?

  31. RICKY

    These drivers are not work properly.first time the driver left my delivery at mini cab station where is not my neighbour and now this time the driver didn’t left any card but at their website it show that the receiver doesn’t want and cancel the delivery.I order to my restaurant which is famous in london soho but the status show at the website is my door number is missing and the street name is wrong.UPS driver are not work properly totally more than 100%.

  32. Craig Challinor

    Shocking service. Claim to keep attempting to deliver parcel 1ZE451376898546864 but never actually do attempt to as all times stated I have been home at that time waiting.
    No card left. No info about who to call or where I could alternatively collect.

  33. Berndt Helmreich

    Hello. UPS tried to deliver my parcel on the 15th, but no one was at home. They didn’t leave a card and I only found out just now that it was delivered by calling the manufacturer, who gave me the tracking number. I now found out that my parcel waits at a collection point just around the corner and I would like to pick it up ASAP. However, will I definitely need a UPS notification card or is my passport and a proof of address sufficient?

  34. Rachel

    Won’t except my tracking number? ??

  35. Andrew fergusson

    This is the second package this week that has not arrived on time or at all up to how

  36. Andrew fergusson

    The tracking shows it has been delivered but no one was in but there was no delivery note left to say in has been held at a ups center

    1. Andrew fergusson

      I require this package tomorrow or I need a phone number so I can arrange to pick it up

  37. Sanaa

    Good service I got my parcel within 2 days .
    Many thanks

  38. Carl Naylor

    Info notice no 983090166193

  39. Carl Naylor

    Awful service! I have a note saying that my parcel was delivered to Grant on 29/7 at 8:40. Who the hell is Grant? Would it not have been easier to leave the number? Basic, basic sh*!.

    So basically someone has left my parcel but I have no idea where… Anyone care to tell me?

  40. Tasnim Khan

    Can u plz let me know when I will recieve my parcel thank you
    Tasnim Khan

  41. Lillian Cummins

    Hi I sent a parcel on 14th July 2016 and looking at the tracking it is still in Southampton ref 1Z8VE0619191896544 it was sent from Hammonds newsagents haslemere to golf buddy Europe c/o dsv solutions 46483 wesel Germany can you update me with delivery information

  42. Britton Esser

    Paid 150 for two day shipping and it’s not here and I can’t even track it either 9405511899563044230488

  43. Ricardas

    Im not receive my item yet 1ZV8788E0491976233 im was waiting on friday

  44. Martin Warnock

    Can you advice where my package is? Number 1Z2V66X16897180247. No card through door and tracking says at access point? Where is this so i can collect? Please get back to me asap

  45. Sharyn towers

    Waited all day for a much needed part from Germany got to 5.20pm rang them! What time do you deliver up? If it’s a business 5pm!!! Well that obviously doesn’t happen! Left my phone number 20mins later get a call to say vanbroken down! What a joke! Good service! Ha ha I don’t think so! Absolutely furious!

  46. Danielle

    My parcel was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday 27th . It is now Thursday 28th and I still have not received my parcel , so I decided to track it. It appears that an attempted delivery was made , states I wasn’t home. Half an hour ago, I’m still in my pyjamas and haven’t left the house all day. This is the second time this has happened. Clearly a case of lazy couriers who can’t be bothered to do the job they are paid to do. I am furious and will not be using this service for expensive goods in the future.

  47. Ann

    I was supposed to have received my delivery yesterday nothing came . When I tracked it said on its way to deliver it. Now it’s says reschedule to deliver it in 3days time. I’m so angry .

  48. Barbara

    Just enquiring what time I can expect a delivery to arrive? IZE6A0026801473172

  49. Sarah

    I have tracked my item it says deliverd today at 16.15 does this mean somone has signed for it?how do i check if its been signed for as the address i redirected it to are saying its not there yet?


  50. daniel

    I have had a slip posted through the door however my dog has ripped ot to shreds so i do not know where the parcel went could you please help me


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