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USPS (The United States Postal Service) is an independent agency that is responsible for providing mail service in the US. It is one of the few agencies authorised by the constitution of the United States.

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What you should know about USPS – The United States Postal Service

Depot  - Copyrights USPS

Depot – Copyrights USPS

An effective cost management plan ensures that projects are completed within a set budget and in timely manner. As revenues dropped sharply due to recession, the volume of mail declined. This prompted the postal service to look for other sources of income and enhance its services by extending mail deliveries to weekends and public holidays.


The price of mail is determined by its class and how far it needs to travel to reach its destination. The farther the destination, the more you pay for postage. The rate is measured by zones. For instance, zone 1 is local to you, and zone 10 is very far away from you. USPS offers different priority mailing options for a flat rate, regardless of how much the parcel weighs or its destination. Flat-rate priority mail is by far the most cost-effective option.

Urgent mailing has two flat-rate boxes and three types of envelopes. Additionally, you can save even more money by sending your priority large-sized parcel to APO/FPO addresses. Any other non-flat rated mail is based on its weight and destination. Priority packages that weight less than 20 pounds and more than 84 inches in size are charged by their weight. This is referred to as a ‘balloon price’, which applies to local delivery pieces for zones 1 to 4. If your priority parcel exceeds one cubic foot, and it is travelling to zones 5 to 8, it will be subject to ‘dimensional weight pricing’.

Benefits of using USPS International

Retailers  - Copyrights USPS

Retailers – Copyrights USPS

Using USPS is perfect for non-priority goods that weigh less than 4 pounds. The items that are dispatched from the US via airmail will enter into standard class mail once they reach UK. Transit times can take up to two weeks and sometimes there are discounted postage rates on offer.

As USPS has an expansive number of post offices in the US, it offers more delivery options to customers. The company also offers PO boxes, bulk mailing options, flat-rate urgent mailing, international delivery, first-class parcel delivery, and many other such services at economical rates.

Safety is the main priority in international shipping

All reputable carriers emphasise on safety as their top priority when shipping international parcels. The policy of USPS is that a package weighing more than 13 ounces should not be placed into a collection box, or at an unattended USPS site. If the parcel is left in a mailbox, it won’t be picked up by the courier; similarly, if it is dropped into a collection box, the company will return it to the shipper.

Before you send your international mail via USPS, you should verify whether the drop-off site will be acceptable or not. You are required to fill out a customs declaration form at your local post office even if the parcel already has stamps on it.

As this courier company also delivers on Saturdays, you can use this service without paying extra. Priority letters reach 90 per cent of the US within two days, but for UK deliveries, it will take longer. So if you send an important document on a Thursday, it will not be delivered until Saturday.

The post office in the US has more fleet of delivery vehicles than any other shipment company. Not many other companies have thus far managed to deliver parcels and letters to every single address on a daily basis without losing or damaging the package. Although the competition is rife, the priority mail service of USPS is equally better than its rivals. The chances of your packages getting stolen is much less thanks to federal inspectors who monitor every sorting office in order to ensure the safety of your mail.

International Shipping Rules and Restrictions

Delivery - Copyrights USPS

Delivery – Copyrights USPS

Some people do not realise that there are rules and regulations on what is and isn’t acceptable to be mailed through USPS or any other courier. You are not allowed to send alcoholic beverages or perfume that contains alcohol to another country, and when it is shipped domestically, it won’t be sent via airmail. Remember to remove the alcohol labeling from the package before posting it.

The other shipping restriction includes prescription medications, which must be registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Similar rules apply to some over-the-counter drugs so you should always check with the company before mailing in order to reduce delivery delays.

Unloaded shotguns or air rifles may be permitted for posting, but they are subject to shipping regulations. You must be a licensed manufacturer or dealer to be allowed to send or receive the weapon. Perishable items are still subject to many restrictions even though they are less dangerous. You are advised to contact your courier service to see whether you will be permitted or prohibited to send your international package.

USPS Tracking procedure

Mobile  - Copyrights USPS

Mobile – Copyrights USPS

The tracking procedure at USPS is surprisingly simple. If you have a parcel that you are sending or receiving, you can easily track it online. All packages have unique tracking numbers for customers to check their status. When you are sending a package to another city or country, you will be given a personalised number that identifies your parcel. This system makes it very easy for customers to track their mail, calculate its arrival time, and keep an eye on where it is located at all times.

To get the most competitive prices for the shipment of your parcel, you should consider USPS to ship your goods to any country in the world. The Internet has allowed new avenues to be opened up in every area, and it is not just for tracking your item as there are many ways you can keep track of your parcel while it is in transit. By using the online services, you can calculate postage price, look up a zip code, and contact USPS directly.

To track your package via email, you can learn the progress it is making as it moves from one location to another. There are two choices available when opting for the email tracking; the email will provide information about the item’s activity to date and all its future activities. An email response is sent to you as your parcel is moved from its original location, and once it has gone through all the transitions and the recipient receives it, you will get a final email.

Once you have received an email or a letter, it will include proof of delivery track that your parcel has been delivered successfully. The message will also contain the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery. This method gives customers peace of mind knowing that their goods will get to their destination safely.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

356 USPS Tracking reviews

  1. Ben Barkley

    Could you tell when this parcel is out for delivery ? It’s been sat in London for 4 days now.

  2. Kim Mitchell-may

    Hi my package was sent 31 august. Eh078122894GB ive called many a times with different answers.please can u help me

  3. Xena yinks

    Hello my parcel has been at heathrow since monday but i am yet to recieve it how do i find other means to obtain my parcel. It is of great importance i have this with as soon as possible.

  4. Hannah

    This seems to be a common theme, I also have been told my package has been received but There’s nothing here. It says it arrived on the 31st if august but nothing?


  5. Tabassum Raja

    Hi there. I bought some items from
    America and the package was delivered through USPS. However, when I go onto the tracking site it says it was delivered in the united kingdom at 7am on the 1-9-16 but I have not received anything at all. I am eagerly awaiting this parcel and I’ve been waiting almost 3 weeks. Can someone help me pls. Tracking number is Tracking Number: LX523984638US

  6. Lara Thorpe

    Hi, I’m trying to track a package from the USA to the UK. Tracking number LZ536323443US
    The sender had told me it was delivered to my door but I have not received it & I am currently housebound due to an operation & nobody has tried to deliver.

    Please help as I need this ASAP
    Kind regards,

  7. Caroline Williams

    Hi my tracked item says it has been delivered. I have not received it though. Item number LZ606995987US
    I look forward to hearing from you to rectify this situation.

  8. Derek Vince


  9. Joe Howe

    Tracking No LF100267307US shows the package delivered on 01 September 2016 at 08.07. No package received at the delivery address. Where is the package?

  10. Joe Howe

    LF100267307US tracking reference say package delivered on 01.09.2016. Nothing received or note left as to where it’s location is. Explain please.

  11. Joe Howe

    Tracking no LF100267307US says it was delivered on 02 September 2016 at 0807 am. Nothing has been delivered to the address specified or card left that it has been left elsewhere. Explanation please.

  12. Alexis Lambert

    Your tracking information states my package has been delivered, yet nothing has been delivered to my address.
    This is the tracking number LZ407627572US please can you investigate?

  13. Mrs Harris

    Hi my tracking number is LF100256145US. I received an email informing me that my item has been shipped to USPS on 25 August. When I looked up the tracking for my order it still says that USPS are still waiting to receive the parcel. I live in the Uk and just wanted to know if this usually takes this long as I ordered my item on the 10th August? Kind regards

  14. Rachel Stringer

    Can you help me please? I have a tracking number which is LN46498810US, I have entered this into your website to track my parcel but it comes up saying it’s invalid. This have been given to me by the seller I am purchasing goods off. Can you tell me where the abouts the parcel is.
    Many thanks

  15. Mark Bedt

    Hi, this is my ISPs tracking number EC813591073US, I need this parcel ASAP and it should have landed in London today by your tracking info. How do I intervene and pay all relevant taxes and collect from uk customs? Is this possible?

  16. Gemma

    Hi, order number LZ896755501US states delivered on the tracker, but yet I haven’t received anything. Are you able to tell me where my package is please.

  17. Sandra boylan

    Hi my parcel was shipped on the 15th of July and I am still waiting for it. The tracking number is LK196331242us. It is saying this tracking number is invalid. Please could you shed some light on this? We did receive a second tracking number which is LK132966591us and again this is saying invalid.

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


  18. Natalie

    Hi a package is being sent for me from the US to the UK and your site said there was an attempted delivery yesterday and there was no attempt and the package hasn’t been delivered to a neighbour. My tracking number is LZ896174237US.

  19. Gladys

    I have been so stressed for about a month now, chasing a parcel with eBay which was claimed to have been delivered to me in Friday 22nd July 2016. I was home all day on this said day and NO PARCEL WHATSOEVER WAS DELIVERED TO ME! I complained to eBay and the case was decided in the Seller’s favour that the a seller has provided tracking information to prove that the item has been delivered to my address. Even when I tried to track the item on USPS website with the tracking details that the Seller has provided it says that it is INVALID! I need to know what is going on here! Do we have USPS staff that work with some scam sellers that take money from consumers and provide scam tracking details? I NEED TI KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AS I NOW UNDERSTAND MY CASE IS NOT THE FIRST AND NOT SURE IT WAS OR WILL BE THE LAST.

  20. Ailsa

    I’ve just checked USPS and it says that my package got delivered on August 5th at 11.34pm! There wouldn’t have been anyone in my office at that time and there’s no sign of it anywhere. Who do I contact to find out where it might be? USPS tracking no: LZ406954766US

  21. Judit Toth

    I’m trying to find my parcel. Apparently it was delivered two weeks ago by USPS but I still haven’t seen it and didn’t get a notification either. Where can I find my parcel now?

  22. Malcolm Davidson

    Can anyone help with this as the sender is not replying to my emails, My package left London on the 5th it is now the11th and no further updates since the last shipping update.
    Image of an envelope outlined in blue. Get Easy Tracking Updates ›

    Sign up for My USPS.
    Only applicable to visual users.
    Tracking Number: LZ603824396US
    Image of a progress bar displaying in-transit status

    Product & Tracking Information
    Postal Product:

    First-Class Package International Service


    Small Packets

    Date & Time

    Status of Item


    August 6, 2016 , 7:23 am



    Your item departed a transfer airport in Heathrow, London, UNITED KINGDOM on August 6, 2016 at 7:23 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    August 5, 2016 , 1:23 pm


    San Francisco, UNITED STATES

    August 5, 2016 , 8:34 am


    San Francisco, UNITED STATES

    August 4, 2016 , 11:58 am

    Processed Through Facility


    August 4, 2016 , 10:05 am

    Arrived at USPS Facility


    August 4, 2016 , 10:05 am

    Arrived at Facility


    August 3, 2016 , 7:17 am

    Departed USPS Facility

    SEATTLE, WA 98168

    August 2, 2016 , 6:40 pm

    Arrived at USPS Facility

    SEATTLE, WA 98168

    August 2, 2016 , 5:25 pm

    Accepted at USPS Origin Facility

    SEATTLE, WA 98178

    August 2, 2016 , 3:32 pm

    Shipment Picked Up

    SEATTLE, WA 98178

  23. pink_stairs05

    Hiya I am expecting a parcel from TARZANA, CA 91356, they said expected delivery is 10 days. I have tracked it and since 7/8/2016 it shows: Your item departed a transfer airport in Heathrow, London, UNITED KINGDOM on August 7, 2016 at 1:54 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. How long does a small package usualy take to clar customs? I’m going away on Saturday and hoping it arrives today or tomorrow latest! If you could give me any more information about where it is, it would be great (Tracking Number: LZ893864958US ) Thanks Punita

  24. Nicolas

    Hello I bought a camera on ebay (from US to Paris) and I don’t understand the last notification which scares me a little. It’s written : Attempted Delivery – Item being held, addressee being notified
    Your item could not be delivered on August 10, 2016 at 11:00 am in FRANCE due to the addressee not available at time of delivery. It is being held while the addressee is notified.

    It’s located in France, it was written “arrival at Post office” in the previous notification so I don’t understand. My tracking number is : CF220789512US

    Thank you for your help,


  25. Donna Gabillard

    Hi I’m hoping you can help a present has been set from Los Angeles track number 8292099804. The sender was told expected delivery was 2nd August but we are on the 8th August now and nothing has been received. Tracking is saying it was transferred through stanstead on 30th July. Hope you can help x

  26. Tom Coombes

    Hi there,

    The website is saying that my package has been delivered but I haven’t received anything in spite of being in at the time it says it arrived…

    No idea what’s going on so would very much appreciate it if you could look into it and get back to me as soon as possible.

    The tracking number is:



  27. Sarah shorter

    Hi I posted to the USA from UK on 28 July. Usps online saying parcel is being processed at Chicago facility on 3 Aug. Still seems to be there. Is there any way I can contact usps in America or preferably uk usps for someobe who can check this for me please. Might judt be its slow moving through customs. Tracking number is RN054301145GB
    Thank you

  28. Charlotte fox

    Hi my parcel says delivered but I have not recieved it.. LZ796688248US…. Someone was in all day to receive the parcel as well so I am concerned that it has been delivered elsewhere

  29. Sophia

    The seller has sent me a message saying my parcel was delivered I would like to where it is as your tracking says it has as well. I have been left no info about where it is as well. I am extremely disappointed with this service.

  30. Sophia

    Hi would like to know where my package is as I paid 11 dollars to get it here !!

  31. Sophia

    Hello I checked my tracking info today and it says it’s been delivered but it is not here and there is no now or info as to where it is ?? Tracking no LZ602779863US

  32. Sumara

    Hi, since the 28th July the status is processed through facility. I am wondering what is happening as it’s been over a week since posted. Tracking: LZ406862565US. Kind regards

  33. David

    I should receive the parcel, but it says ‘being held because charges of payment., addressee being notified.’
    I haven’t been notified in any way, I have no idea what charges I have to pay and what can I do to get my parcel.
    Can you please advise?

  34. Micheala

    Hi there,i bought something from USA yesterday and when the site provided my address the postcode was wrong,how do i check to see if my correct postcode has been added

  35. Kinza

    Hi do you know when my package will arrive? Tracking number- LZ796679569US

  36. Mark g Hutcheon

    I cannot find my order you say it’s been delivered whilst I was in hospital. I’m try to contact upus but cannot find their number and its very frustrating. It would be great if I can have a phone number as I can’t find one for the uk

  37. Maryum Shakeel

    My item says it’s been delivered but I haven’t even received it I don’t know what to do as I live in the uk/Birmingham
    The order number is K1959213
    & the tracking number is LZ892162627US
    Any help pls !

  38. yosief

    Hi. My parcel information says delivered by 20 July in the UK but I couldn’t get it right now. So what can I do the tracking number is cp986960126us.thanks.

  39. Amanda pickett

    Hello my parcel has not been delivered yet and has been sitting since 17th somewhere
    Please tell me where I can pick it up..?

  40. Katie


    I checked the status of my package which reads the below –
    Your item could not be delivered on July 29, 2016 at 1:01 pm in UNITED KINGDOM due to payment of charges. It is being held while the addressee is notified.

    I have had no email or anything since I received an email to inform me that the item had been shipped last Friday. We payed a large amount of money for the postage so please can you let me know when it will be delivered or what we need to do to get it sorted.

    Our reference is – CJ515595622US


  41. Andy

    Can you please tell me where my parcel is ?


    It has been “processed through facilty ” since 20th July so has been there for 7 days ???

    Why is this, why have i not received it yet ?

  42. Anne Brown

    My USPS number is LN443725904US. The website says it was delivered on 05 July at 9.35, but I haven’t received it and nor have my neighbours.

    Please can you tell me where it was delivered to? Thanks.

  43. Tracy MacDonald

    Hi, I am trying to find the whereabouts my parcel is LZ796086044US
    It says it has been delivered but I cannot find it anywhere. Please can you help?

  44. Mihai Pantiru

    Hello, I have this tracking no LZ600858965US, but the status of the delivery hasn’t been updated for 3 days now (since the 18th).
    On Monday I’m leaving on a 2 weeks holiday and I would like to know who is handling the usps deliveries in UK to get in touch for the collection. Thanks!

  45. Rosanna heath

    Hi, trying to track my package. on the website I ordered it from and it says it is being held for payment charges. I haven’t been contacted by your company so I’ve just been left hanging? Can you let me know where my package is, where I need to pick it up from and what I will need to pay? I don’t know why I haven’t received any information, but when I’ve tried to track my package it says I have been notified but I haven’t. My tracking number is CM214177459US. Please get back to me thank you

  46. ewa ciziel

    My parcel arrived at the post office on July 5, 2016 , 4:29 am and the latest info is Payment of charges – Item being held, addressee being notified. Tracking number is CJ155176058US
    No one contacted me since July 5!!! How can I pay for this? it’s been more than 2 much longer will it take to deliver the parcel?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

  47. Joseph Gilbert

    Hi, I’ve ordered an item from the U.S but it was returned to sender, he revived a letter and the item stating that I’m on a list of people that can’t revived parcels from the U.S. I’ve just received another parcel today from the U.S today with no trouble at all. The parcel tracking number I did not get was LZ406372068US
    Can you find out what is going on please and let me know.

  48. keene

    Tracking number LZ795684341US, where is my daughters delivery? Received this on daughters phone today Your item was delivered in UNITED KINGDOM at 6:58 am on July 9, 2016. but been in all day, no delivery, no note…

  49. Carl harrison

    My item when I look at tracking states it’s been delivered to me. I haven’t received my item how do I find out where my item is?
    Tracking number : LZ795783741US

  50. Lesley fixter

    Been tracking my parcel. Last message says delivered 9 july 2016 at 6.17 am was bot delivered to me. Which service was used in the Uk


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