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Home Delivery Network acquired the UK domestic arm of DHL in 2010, which was renamed as Yodel Delivery Network Limited in 2013.

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Yodel Tracking Procedures

The company works closely with 80 percent of the UK’s major retailers, delivering 150 million packages annually.. Yodel use the smart bar code system which allows individual items to be tracked at all points along their journey. Customers can use web tracking to access their parcels progress through the system by inputting the Parcel Number into the Yodel website. This enables both sender and recipient to monitor deliveries. Up to ten different parcel numbers can be inputted at a time for tracking multiple consignments, and results can be refined by adding specific dates. Once a parcel has been located there is additional information available on the Parcel History Screen. The facility is available 24 hours a day, even when the item is in transit.

Tracking - Copyrights Yodel

Tracking – Copyrights Yodel

Although Yodel is a relatively new name in the UK home delivery market its history means that there is already a well established network throughout the country. The company’s commitment to investing in new technology is providing the customer with a range of options for deliveries, returns and collections, along with real time tracking of packages. Investment in customer services will undoubtedly help to improve the company image.

Yodel The Company

Yodel Direct  - Copyrights Yodel

Yodel Direct – Copyrights Yodel

The company now known as Yodel started life as the logistics sector for the Shop Direct Group (SDG), which eventually demerged in 2008. SDG was formed when Reality, previously Shop Direct, and Business Express, which had been Littlewoods, combined forces. Trading as Home Delivery Network, the company changed its name to Yodel in 2013. Due to the nature of the way the company had been formed, it has retained a large part of the UK delivery services for a the majority of the retailing sector, including Amazon, Argos, Boots and Tesco Direct. As well as the Yodel branded constituents there were other associated companies, Parcelpoint and HDN (NI) Limited, but these are all now included in the Yodel Delivery Network. Following a spate of negative publicity the company launched a Customer Experience Academy to address the issues raised, backed by a recognised customer care qualification. After concentrating on home delivery, Yodel has now made its network more accessible for smaller companies and private customers with the introduction of Yodel Direct. Yodel also owns Collect Plus, in a joint venture with Paypoint, which uses a network of over 5,500 small retailers and larger brands that include ASDA, COOP, NISA, Spar, Costcutter and McColls. Collect Plus looks after smaller customers and offers three services to send and return items, as well as a click and collect system for online purchases.

Yodel’s Services

Delivers  - Copyrights Yodel

Delivers – Copyrights Yodel

Yodel provide three sending options, 24 hour, 48 hour and World Economy, and has decided to keep these choices to a minimum; unlike companies like UPS that provide more complex, but tailor made services. The 24 hour option aims to deliver a package within one working day of its collection, and although this is not guaranteed, they do achieve a 98 percent success rate. The service includes a free door step collection, which account holders can book with a single email. Information required includes an account number if the customer already has one, date of collection, address from which it is to be collected, contact name and phone number, the number of packages and their contents, and the delivery address. They do not provide a receipt on collection. A standard insurance is included but this can be increased for more valuable items. The maximum weight for each item is 25kg, length must not exceed 120cm and the total volume must be less than 0.17m3.

Yodels 48 hour service aims to deliver within two working days, but again this is not guaranteed, and other than the time constraints, the service is identical to the 24 hour option, but at a reduced rate. The World Economy service that Yodel provides estimates that delivery will take 3 to 5 working days to most European destinations and size and weight restrictions remain the same as the other alternatives. For business customers only there is a sub 10 hour option for very urgent consignments.

Pricing Policy

Costs can be obtained using the quick calculator on the Yodel website by in-putting the pick up and delivery addresses, the package weight and its dimensions. As well as the difference in pricing for each of the three services offered there is also a discount for a subsequent package, and additional ones after that up to a total of nineteen. The prices quoted are excluding VAT. Basic insurance is included in the price but can be extended for more valuable items, up to a limit of £2500.

The Benefits of Choosing Yodel

Yodel aim to have the most concise pricing policy in the UK courier business, keeping options to a minimum, but making sure that charges are simple to understand. There are however discounts for multiple packages in a single consignment. All packages can be picked up from the customer’s home or business premises and this can be organised on the Yodel website, even for non-account holders. When the order is placed a label is generated complete with unique barcode that can be printed off and attached to the parcel. The booking is confirmed by email and a company courier van will arrive to pick up the item the next day, if the order is received before 10pm. Since Yodel is already dealing with high volumes of packages through its connections to the major UK retailers, it has a large infrastructure, number of vehicles and personnel at its disposal, making the services very flexible. Having identified a perceived deficiency in customer service, Yodel is now working hard to address this with its unique Customer Experience Academy, enabling 1000 Yodel employees to attain a Level II Diploma in Customer Excellence in Logistics each year. The company is also a founder member of the Smart Business Academy, which aims to improve the image of the logistics, transport and supply chain industries as employers.

Secure Deliveries

Yodel Cars  - Copyrights Yodel

Yodel Cars – Copyrights Yodel

Yodel takes every care to deliver packages safely and securely, while keeping the process as flexible as possible so that customers are not inconvenienced. When a signature on collection has not been specified the parcel can be left in a safe place, with certain restrictions to ensure that it is not likely to go missing. Sheds and porches are likely areas for parcels to be placed, but not close to refuse areas for example. Deliveries may be passed to a neighbour for safe keeping, but the driver will leave a card with a note to this effect, at the original address. Where a signature is required and no one is available a card is always left with the consignment’s tracking number and details of how to either rearrange the drop off, or for it to be collected from the local depot. To pick up a consignment from the depot the owner will need to supply the calling card that was left and proof of ID such as a passport or driving licence. Collections require a minimum of 24 hours notice, which is to ensure that it has been retained and is not in the process of being re-delivered. Re-delivery can be arranged through the company website, myyodel.co.uk, and entering the tracking number. If the card has a letter ‘N’ at the bottom of the left hand corner the courier can be reached by calling their mobile number, included among the details.

Yodel Contact

If you haven’t found the right answer on our website or you just need to speak to someone at Yodel, you can call Yodel Support on: 0844 755 0117.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

80 Yodel Tracking reviews

  1. Iona Stenhouse

    Tracked package saying it has been delivered to a safe place which it has not! No card through the door no package!!! Saying it has been delivered to my porch which I don’t even have!!!!

  2. Martin Mcgreavy

    Paid for next day delivery 6 days ago. Parcel still not arrived went to middleton hub to collect it myself. They couldn’t find it. This is a joke delivery service not fit to operate

  3. Ann m dimaria

    Today I waited in for very special parcel I was tracking it most of the day and now nothing but been told it’s delivered to were is it delivered as I have not been out very very angry as this not first time parcel gone missing

  4. Ann m dimaria

    I been in all day waiting for special parcel nothing has arrived but on tracking I been told it was delivered well not to me

  5. Kerry Horne

    I had a parcel due for delivery yesterday and was advised at 20:51 that it should now be here before next Thursday? This is unacceptable and tracking the parcel leaves me wondering what on earth is going on as it says it is still with the sender when that is clearly wrong as I’ve had a confirmation email stating otherwise. I feel sorry for the vendor as I am now considering cancelling the order based on Yodel’s as always poor service as I was in a hurry for the item. This is the second item that your company has ‘lost’ of mine in the past two months. The first being a TV unit delivered to an address 200 metres from my home with a completely different address. It had been left out in the rain outside of a block of flats. Will be checking with vendors in future to make sure they don’t ship with your company as the inconvenience and detective work to find my goods is a waste of my time and frankly not worth the hassle.

    1. Elizabeth Bankole

      Good morning l track my goods and they said been delivered on 15/9/2017 but did not indicate if the parcel is left with a neighbour please where is my parcel and also if left with the neighbour kindly indicate the house no please.

      1. Track-a-parcel team Post author

        this info can only be provided by the delivery man, which means you need to contact Yodel directly.

  6. Cara france

    It says my item was delivered on the 9th of September but it’s the 13th now. Who on earth has my parcel? And where did you send it?

    1. Track-a-parcel team Post author

      Please contact Yodel to find out, where the shipment has been dropped off or what the matter is.

  7. Lynette Adams

    You obviously have no idea what you are doing. I received a package from you just after 7pm tonight. After your agent left I saw it was not for me but someone named Wendy who was not anywhere near my home address. I called Wendy on her mobile number that was on the package from Paperchase. She told me there was some confusion as the agent had delivered a parcel to her that was not hers either. She said the agent was on his way back to collect her parcel from me and to deliver it to the rightful owner. When the agen arrived I told him I was expecting a parcel from them and where was it ? He took Wendys parcel and said he would check and find my parcel. I am still waiting and in the meantime I received a text message from Yodel to say my parcel has been delivered – to whom ? I don’t have it. This is a con ! Yodel sucks !

    1. Track-a-parcel team Post author

      We are not the delivery guy and can’t influence the delivery. but are sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience

  8. Kerry

    When my package was delivered I found a number of large boot prints up and down one side of the box where someone had obviously walked all over it. I can’t think of any reason for them to do this to someone’s package when they could damage what’s inside. The guy who delivered made a strange comment about having to turn the package the other way round, so I couldn’t see the foot prints, so he clearly knew about them. I’m disgusted with the way Yodel have treated my package. Never again Yodel

  9. Evelyn

    I have had to contact a firm regarding my item to be tied it was delivered by yodel.. when asked they said it was left in porch! But I live in a flat and it was not here nor with next door so now I have a replacement on the way again with yodel. I hope this time I get it! As not a cheap item that I had being delivered and u am so thankful the company are sending me another!

  10. Marie horan

    Waited in all day the tracking said it would be here before or on today and it never turned up

  11. Michelle Newman

    2 parcels to be delivered before mine. I got to the new house to get an email to say attempted to deliver and left card. Rang no delivery as he couldnt find the street with it being a new build no call made to get directions just onto the next drop off!! Not impressed 2 infants in tow with me!!

  12. Karen Utting

    Absolute rubbish service. I use precious oils and ingredients with a shelf life. I have ordered things from the same seller online at the same time. And I apparently have never heard my door knock. Even though I hear parcelforce and royal mail fine. Also they must be invisible. Cos I’ve sat in the window waiting. Anyway. I never got these items on time. This means other ingredients have gone passed its usage and I’ve had to throw stock away. When I do get parcels. My precious and expensive oils have been battered and leaking. I Watched him throwing things around in the van to get to my fragility parcel at the back. The packaging was excellent. It was clearly done during transit. They have no respect for companies hard work or customers. I wish you could choose carriers online. I know when I begin selling my products online. I won’t be using Yodel.

  13. Mrs Hellen Churcher

    Above parcel not arrived, company say you say it has been delivered but it has not. You are the only courrier that we have problems with. Please arrange for immediate delivery.

    1. Evelyn

      I feel your pain. They never knock just leave it on the door or it never comes! Everytime ice had something from yodel I’ve had to get a replacement and paid to have it delivered with some one else or its being delivered by someone who had it left at their door!


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