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Home Delivery Network acquired the UK domestic arm of DHL in 2010, which was renamed as Yodel Delivery Network Limited in 2013.

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Yodel Tracking Procedures

The company works closely with 80 percent of the UK’s major retailers, delivering 150 million packages annually.. Yodel use the smart bar code system which allows individual items to be tracked at all points along their journey. Customers can use web tracking to access their parcels progress through the system by inputting the Parcel Number into the Yodel website. This enables both sender and recipient to monitor deliveries. Up to ten different parcel numbers can be inputted at a time for tracking multiple consignments, and results can be refined by adding specific dates. Once a parcel has been located there is additional information available on the Parcel History Screen. The facility is available 24 hours a day, even when the item is in transit.

Tracking - Copyrights Yodel

Tracking – Copyrights Yodel

Although Yodel is a relatively new name in the UK home delivery market its history means that there is already a well established network throughout the country. The company’s commitment to investing in new technology is providing the customer with a range of options for deliveries, returns and collections, along with real time tracking of packages. Investment in customer services will undoubtedly help to improve the company image.

Yodel The Company

Yodel Direct  - Copyrights Yodel

Yodel Direct – Copyrights Yodel

The company now known as Yodel started life as the logistics sector for the Shop Direct Group (SDG), which eventually demerged in 2008. SDG was formed when Reality, previously Shop Direct, and Business Express, which had been Littlewoods, combined forces. Trading as Home Delivery Network, the company changed its name to Yodel in 2013. Due to the nature of the way the company had been formed, it has retained a large part of the UK delivery services for a the majority of the retailing sector, including Amazon, Argos, Boots and Tesco Direct. As well as the Yodel branded constituents there were other associated companies, Parcelpoint and HDN (NI) Limited, but these are all now included in the Yodel Delivery Network. Following a spate of negative publicity the company launched a Customer Experience Academy to address the issues raised, backed by a recognised customer care qualification. After concentrating on home delivery, Yodel has now made its network more accessible for smaller companies and private customers with the introduction of Yodel Direct. Yodel also owns Collect Plus, in a joint venture with Paypoint, which uses a network of over 5,500 small retailers and larger brands that include ASDA, COOP, NISA, Spar, Costcutter and McColls. Collect Plus looks after smaller customers and offers three services to send and return items, as well as a click and collect system for online purchases.

Yodel’s Services

Delivers  - Copyrights Yodel

Delivers – Copyrights Yodel

Yodel provide three sending options, 24 hour, 48 hour and World Economy, and has decided to keep these choices to a minimum; unlike companies like UPS that provide more complex, but tailor made services. The 24 hour option aims to deliver a package within one working day of its collection, and although this is not guaranteed, they do achieve a 98 percent success rate. The service includes a free door step collection, which account holders can book with a single email. Information required includes an account number if the customer already has one, date of collection, address from which it is to be collected, contact name and phone number, the number of packages and their contents, and the delivery address. They do not provide a receipt on collection. A standard insurance is included but this can be increased for more valuable items. The maximum weight for each item is 25kg, length must not exceed 120cm and the total volume must be less than 0.17m3.

Yodels 48 hour service aims to deliver within two working days, but again this is not guaranteed, and other than the time constraints, the service is identical to the 24 hour option, but at a reduced rate. The World Economy service that Yodel provides estimates that delivery will take 3 to 5 working days to most European destinations and size and weight restrictions remain the same as the other alternatives. For business customers only there is a sub 10 hour option for very urgent consignments.

Pricing Policy

Costs can be obtained using the quick calculator on the Yodel website by in-putting the pick up and delivery addresses, the package weight and its dimensions. As well as the difference in pricing for each of the three services offered there is also a discount for a subsequent package, and additional ones after that up to a total of nineteen. The prices quoted are excluding VAT. Basic insurance is included in the price but can be extended for more valuable items, up to a limit of £2500.

The Benefits of Choosing Yodel

Yodel aim to have the most concise pricing policy in the UK courier business, keeping options to a minimum, but making sure that charges are simple to understand. There are however discounts for multiple packages in a single consignment. All packages can be picked up from the customer’s home or business premises and this can be organised on the Yodel website, even for non-account holders. When the order is placed a label is generated complete with unique barcode that can be printed off and attached to the parcel. The booking is confirmed by email and a company courier van will arrive to pick up the item the next day, if the order is received before 10pm. Since Yodel is already dealing with high volumes of packages through its connections to the major UK retailers, it has a large infrastructure, number of vehicles and personnel at its disposal, making the services very flexible. Having identified a perceived deficiency in customer service, Yodel is now working hard to address this with its unique Customer Experience Academy, enabling 1000 Yodel employees to attain a Level II Diploma in Customer Excellence in Logistics each year. The company is also a founder member of the Smart Business Academy, which aims to improve the image of the logistics, transport and supply chain industries as employers.

Secure Deliveries

Yodel Cars  - Copyrights Yodel

Yodel Cars – Copyrights Yodel

Yodel takes every care to deliver packages safely and securely, while keeping the process as flexible as possible so that customers are not inconvenienced. When a signature on collection has not been specified the parcel can be left in a safe place, with certain restrictions to ensure that it is not likely to go missing. Sheds and porches are likely areas for parcels to be placed, but not close to refuse areas for example. Deliveries may be passed to a neighbour for safe keeping, but the driver will leave a card with a note to this effect, at the original address. Where a signature is required and no one is available a card is always left with the consignment’s tracking number and details of how to either rearrange the drop off, or for it to be collected from the local depot. To pick up a consignment from the depot the owner will need to supply the calling card that was left and proof of ID such as a passport or driving licence. Collections require a minimum of 24 hours notice, which is to ensure that it has been retained and is not in the process of being re-delivered. Re-delivery can be arranged through the company website, myyodel.co.uk, and entering the tracking number. If the card has a letter ‘N’ at the bottom of the left hand corner the courier can be reached by calling their mobile number, included among the details.

Yodel Contact

If you haven’t found the right answer on our website or you just need to speak to someone at Yodel, you can call Yodel Support on: 0844 755 0117.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

80 Yodel Tracking reviews

  1. Lorraine Mchugh

    Hi I was incorrectly informed that my parcel has been delivered by you
    Well this is astonishing that you Yodel have claimed to demiver my parcel when you have not
    Can you look into this again because someone has got my parcel as I have NOT received it JD0002257357522316

  2. gary peyton

    I tracked my parcel only to see it had allegedly been delivered (3rd march ) a week earlier. If this was the case then why do i still not have it (10 march).

  3. Marsha Bertie-Small

    Card ref 47884992 left with no indication of address in block of 14 flats.
    Online tracking service does not recognise card id and customer service line at 7p a minute now closed

  4. Sarah

    We have been waiting for delivery from Tuesday of virgin it now Friday and still no delivery they say can not in to property what a joke to fair had time of work to wait for them

  5. Claude

    Parcel lost or delivered to someone else. No received in 2 weeks. JJD0002257516035105
    I will cancel the transaction with Amazon

  6. Neil

    Received a card through the door stating time and date when left. And nothing else. Contacted them on the Web chat and told sorry can’t discuss it with you as you don’t know who it’s for. Told them if the driver had filled in the card correctly I could. Told me to contact the sender told them I don’t know who it is as the driver hasn’t put any details on the card. Going roundincircles.com

  7. Stephen Bradley

    What a brill delivery company,tracked alway arrived spot on well done thank you

  8. Jason Bartlett

    Hello be tracking my parcel all day it left the depo at 5.500am but yet it has not arrived even though it say it’s being delivery today

  9. Simon Robinson

    Parcel due today 7th December, have now been told by Yodel that i might get it in the next few day hopefully.

    Useless company who couldn’t organise anything near a brewery.

  10. Gillian King

    Hi Yodel
    I would just like to thank you for an excellent service I have alway received from you. My delivery drive Pat does a great job doing her deliverys. I have received my delivery this week on time that’s great when this is such a very busy time at Christmas many parcels to deliver.
    Keep up the good work.
    Merry Christmas to all that work at Yodel deliverys

  11. Richard

    Been told my parcel is being sent by yodel with number JD0002257356795622
    This number is not reconised? ??

    1. Gillian King

      Hi Richard,
      I think your missing a J off your tracking No:
      You only have eighteen NO: I have nighteen counting the double JJ in the No:
      Hope that helps you.

    2. Richard

      Pretty sure posting on here will do no good. My post was approved but no one replyed to it.

  12. Agnese

    I am so disappointed with yodel service… recived a card with only time on it no name or date on card or info where my parcel is. Tried to check order number its says not valid. Why they get paid to do their job if they cant do it… hope that is my first and last experience with this delivery company. I don’t even know where is pick up point in my area for this company so angry…

  13. Paul

    My order said 48 hour delivery yodel have had my parcel since the 30th Nov and I still haven’t had it this firm is a load of crap I won’t buy anything again that involves this firm delivering it

  14. Atkins

    Bloody useless company why in God’s name would anyone send anything with Yodel
    Absolute train crash of a company

  15. I must be a muppet

    Parcel due 29/11 not received. 30th yodel said driver couldn’t find our address at 15.33 yet we talked to yodel driver outside our property at that time and he said no parcel for us and was delivering to someone else. 1/12 still no delivery. What a joke of a business. Next time I oder online I will ask the seller not to send with yodel

  16. Michael Graham

    8BADG2242359A001 Your tracking is a joke It has never changed in 3 days

  17. C.m

    They come and not even knock on the door they just posted a ticket through the door. The second say we sat and waited for the deliver window watching, They never got the package out the vehicle. When I opened the door to them they handed me the note and said see you tomorrow. When they where confronted in not giving me the parcel just got in the van and drived off. It’s a parcel delivery service not a bloody missed not delivery service! No not ever use these company! Not impressed!

  18. Samantha Feeney

    There is absolutely now here on the website to amend delivery instructions. Cannot get hold of so called customer services as I won’t be home when the delivery is attempted.

  19. Neil carr

    Says have left parcel by the bins. No sign of parcel. No note through door! Useless!!!!!!

  20. Jennifer Casey

    Hiya I’ve been waiting weeks and has gone over the estimated delivery I have a tracking number but it’s not working

  21. Kiera

    Hi when will my parcel arrive ive waited since september for it today is the last date for it to be delivered …. waited in all day my son will be devistated if his parcel does not arrive when he is expecting it today tracking no JD0002257356304663

  22. Beverley Wood

    I have been waiting for a delivery from Yodel since Saturday 8th October, waited all day and no delivery.
    Tried to rearrange delivery for Monday the 10th October there computerized system, will not allow me to do this. the driver attempted to deliver Monday I was at work he did not leave a calling card to say he has been, today is Wednesday 12th October and i’m still without my delivery. And I still cant rearrange delivery as the machine will not let me choose the option to rearrange. I cannot get through to their customer service people everything is automated.
    I am not happy with Yodel at all

  23. Jennifer Stewart

    Hi there. I got a parcel delivered on Saturday and I was not in !!! The card I was left said it’s been returned to.the service centre but when I call to get it redelivered it says it’s been left in an outbuilding !!!! I do not have an outbuilding !!! I have been on hold trying to speak to someone for half an hour now with no joy!!! Can someone contact me asap and advise as I leave for holiday tomorrow morning !!!!

  24. Nadira

    Still waiting on a parcel since 2 days. ..paid extra to be fast delivery….what kind of joke is this You are robbing people with lies on delivery information.also should sue you for 2 days worth of pay.

  25. Mark Richardson

    I was due to receive 2 doormats last Wednesday. I believe through tracking parcel it has been delivered to an L Weir somewhere in Wrexham. I live on the wirral. You would think for a Liverpool based company you’d know where the Wirral was, clue- other side of the Mersey tunnel. Can I have my parcel delivered to the right address please. ASAP. Thank you. M Richardson.

    1. Mark Richardson

      Parcel ref jjd0002256874011231 (Jvl honeycomb ringed doormats x2) the details of last comment left.

  26. Manojkumar Pillai

    Hi, my tracking numbers are JJD0002254854415027/ ,JD0002255232084080 and JD0002255232084080.
    Iam waiting for my items ordered via ebay since last 2weeks and realy getting annoyed now. It looks like you have some problems to find my adress as it is a new bulid site . So new road name and new postcode. Could you please email me if you got a problem with finding my postcode and address then I can heip you with delivery. Although it is a new address every other parcel company are finding me and delivering my orders. It looks like only YODEL have a problem to find my new address and post code.

  27. Katie

    Really not happy ordered fast track from argos on the 13th they had system failure so it meant my order not being delivered so argos arranged for yodel to deliver my parcel today and nothing not happy at all

  28. Linda

    Hi there I’ve been trying to get through to yourselfs. My delivery is scheduled for today between 7am 8pm but was actually just calling to see we’re my parcel is with no luck. Its just roughly to see what time my parcel will be here? My tracking no is 8412679102401063.plus Argos No is AD090008716.if u could get back to me on my mobile would be most apreshated because my uncle got taken into hospital and i’v said I’ll miby be there by 6pm just hopefully your corriors have been thank u

  29. Adrian

    My parcels should have been on a 48 hour delevery and that was last Thursday Friday 2 days off work and not happy

  30. Margaret

    I am trying to track my parcel from virgin media

  31. Margaret Boyd

    This is rediculous my parcel was supposed to be here on the 1/4/2016
    and hasn’t been delivered
    and now they say it has been delivered today at 11/46am and hasn’t been ref no YOL1896261
    this parcel was for the heart foundation charity tonight I am totally disgusted with this WERE IS MY PARCEL

  32. Margaret Boyd

    My parcel was to be delivered no later than the 1/4/2016 it has not been delivered the ref is YOL1895261
    this item is a gift for heart foundation charity on 2/4/2016 where is my parcel

  33. Mrs Bobbyjo Beech

    Yodels delivery persons are incompetent, inconsiderate, untrustworthy, irresponsible and massively rude! I’ve have a regular parcel delivered once a month for which I’ve had three deliveries now. This is including my latest parcel I have had EXTREME problems with delivered yesterday. Although the two previous parcels delivered left a lot to be desired compared to a responsible delivery service (Which has included the parcel just being dumped on my doorstep without so much as even a knock on the door!). This being said I have on the past two occasions in fact still received said parcels and in good condition. However this can not be said for my latest parcel which we had been made aware of its delivery by text message as we were not at home. This was then checked via the tracking number through Yodels website which said “left with neighbour”. Therefore when arriving home we then inquired with the neighbours who all hadn’t taken a delivery. When we then contacted Yodel directly to advise them of this and for further information eg an address for where the parcel had been left. We were informed that they had no such conformation that it had been left with a neighbour however they were aware that the parcel had been signed for in my name! When I then informed them I was not home and was in fact at an appointment and in a government building so I could therefore prove this. They then quickly checked the website which confirmed what I had said and also instantly pointed to fraud. Yodel soon became very unhelpful, rude and only seemed to sit up and listen when I mentioned police involvement. This may seem drastic however they had no idea what was contained in my package and there was in fact personal details inside it. This left me feeling vulnerable, upset and angry yet all I could do is leave the matter with a disinterested Yodel to be “looked into”. I did however revive a reassurance that I would be contacted as soon as more information had been gathered from the driver. No such contact was ever received I was although given an address where it was believed my parcel had been delivered. This was a good walk on to the main road, around the corner and no where near my address at all! Furthermore I then attended said address in an attempt to retrieve my parcel. I was once again confronted with another baffled person who had not taken in any parcel. Over two hours later I did received a telephone call from the delivery driver himself. He changed his story several times stated during the conversation he didn’t care, he never checks signatures for parcels. Not only this but he then went on to say he left the parcel with a woman with blond hair in her 20s who was walking past my house! It left me totally shocked not only how someone could disrespect property so badly but his normality of the matter. He really wasn’t concerned in the slightest who he had left it with and where. But most alarming the fact they fraudulently signed my name which he clearly knew due to him documenting it had been left with a neighbour?! I have already made a formal complaint with Yodel and the company from which my parcel is from have also lurched an investigation with Yodel. I am however still going to continue to post this on every media platform possible as the company should be totally avoided at every cost! I hope this will encourage people to do so and have an full view as to what this company and their employees are like. I really can’t emphasise enough avoid! avoid! avoid!!

  34. Charlie

    Each time I order with Yodel (as I order off of Amazon and most of the time have no choice) the parcel always arrives late! Very unimpressed with your service Yodel. One time the rude customer service advisor (can’t remember his name) actually told me that no-one answered the door… WE ARE A BUSINESS! We open at 6:30AM until 10:00PM.
    I’m pretty sure you didn’t deliver the parcel outside of these times…

    Ridiculous service, I would strongly recommend to use another delivery company such as DPD.

  35. Rose

    Not impressed. Came home to find my parcel on my doorstep!

  36. Lisa Oliver

    Tracking no. Says parcel delivered yesterday, havn’t received it. Phoned yodel customer service closed.

  37. annette

    Approx delivery time

  38. annette

    When will this be delivered

  39. sarah Nixon

    Awaiting a parcel but tracking isn’t working. This is the tracking number I have JJD0002253621368652.

  40. Evangeline


  41. Evangeline

    Order food supplement from Swanson and items arrived Hearthrow Airport Customs, Tracking No.GM60532477000470655, March 05, 2016

    Yodel’s Tracking Number JD0002251914383747. Up to this very second no news from YODEL.


  42. Tracey hughes

    I had a text for delivery but no card ? Where is my order?

  43. Michelle Alexakis

    Very disappointed with service. No delivery today as expected and no explanation given or resceduled appointment date. Also, tracking service not working efficiently. I am expecting compensation for inconvenience and disappointment caused
    . Argos del No:
    AD087671313/ Tracking No:20160123

  44. Stephen Maas

    Hi my GF orders have not arrived and on going on the tracking website the site wouldn’t recognise my tracking number from email received? And I’m sick of waiting round not wanting to miss it?? Please can anyone help!

    1. admin Post author

      We can’t give you more informations to your problem, as you don’t share your Yodel tracking number. You can call the officially support team of Yodel with the number 0844 755 0117. (it costs 1p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge).

  45. farhana

    there is no yodel contact number to talk n find out about parcel..

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Farhana, we made an update on our content with the contact informations of Yodel. Here is the contact number: 0844 755 0117

    2. Kerry Day-Rogers

      Was meant to receiveyou order the 3/12/16 between 7am & 9pm. I did not receive my parcel have since spoke to the company I ordered off & they informed me that yodel claim I requested my order to be cancelled which I did not as I spent all day waiting for them. I never received a tracking number off yodel or a txt will never use a service that uses yodel again absolute joke of a company. They have cost me time money & a present for my wife!!!!!

  46. phil

    This is the 2nd day I have waited in for a parcel, got no tracking number, all I have is that it was being packaged at supplier today at 1pm. Had different package delivered yesterday by Arrow AX and received text giving me a 1hr slot plus a call to let me know they were on their way. Yodel still maintain this package will be delivered today. I am really not happy with them or their customer services. Will never ever use them again if possible.

  47. Glynis

    I’m expecting a parcel but have no tracking number can you tell me it’s due to arrive

    1. admin Post author

      Hello, we can only get data with the trackingnumber. It doesn’t work based on addresses

  48. Sophie

    I order a nex day deliver on to cages and these was ment to arrive friday 13th november where is my parcel

    1. admin Post author

      We cannot track it without a tracking number, sorry.

  49. Rosine

    Hi YodeI haven’t receive my package.where is my package??I can’t track .

    1. admin Post author

      We are not Yodel, but you should have a tracking number, is that correct?

  50. denise

    Parcel due for delivery 7am to 8pm tonight and not arrived. Not impressed.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi. Yodel tries to keep the scheduled delivery, but sometimes that doesn’t work. But it should work in 99% of the time. We hear not many complains on their side.

      1. I must be a muppet

        Parcel due 29/11 not received. 30th yodel said driver couldn’t find our address at 15.33 yet we talked to yodel driver outside our property at that time and he said no parcel for us and was delivering to someone else. 1/12 still no delivery. What a joke of a business. Next time I oder online I will ask the seller not to send with yodel

    2. Marion mcglone

      I have been waiting in all day from 7am . I was told my delivery would be between 7am-8pm to night from yodel . Can some one get in touch to tell me where my order is!


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